IACCM Americas Conference 2017

Becoming a 'Commercial Powerhouse': Outsight, Innovation & Smart Contracting

Whether you want to test your progress or get started on the journey, this IACCM conference is an event you must not miss. It combines the why, the what and the how of contract and commercial management. Hear from leaders, speak with experts, see the exciting potential .... And be inspired! 


IACCM Americas Conference 2017 - Commercial Powerhouse

The Purpose of Contracts

The percentage of transactions covered by a contract continues to increase, leading to growing questions over their wider business impact and purpose.

As organizations race to streamline their contracting process, IACCM is taking the pulse of current thinking and priorities. In our 'What is the purpose of a contract?' survey, we seek your views on the goals that underlie contracts and how effective they are in supporting business objectives. We also ask about trends in contracting procedures and ownership.


IACCM Innovation Awards 2017

Leaders of the Future

This is an exciting new initiative that will become a regular feature at IACCM conferences globally, and we have just experienced incredible success with it in Europe.

Soon IACCM members will have the chance to vote for a global winning team – future leaders who have a vision of the role they will be playing five years from now.


IACCM Leaders of the Future
The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management enables organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills.
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“Enterprises today realize the critical role of contract and commercial management in a globally networked economy. The skills required to manage business relationships that deliver positive outcomes are as vital as that of a lawyer, accountant, engineer or marketer.”

Dan Mahlebashian, Global Executive Director of Purchasing Services, Request-to-pay process and Enterprise SAP Business Management, GM; Chairman of the Board, IACCM

"We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."
John F. Kennedy - July 1961

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