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“Now, more than ever, enterprises realize the critical role of contract and commercial management. It’s what sustains value in the global networked economy. The skills required to manage business relationships that deliver positive outcomes are as vital as that of a lawyer, accountant, engineer or marketer.”

Dan Mahlebashian, Global Executive Director of Purchasing Services, Request-to-pay process and Enterprise SAP Business Management, GM; Chairman of the Board, IACCM


See how IACCM Membership and access to its expert resources supports over 34,000 professionals: 

  • Benchmark your Montract Management process
  • Compare your performance
  • Assess your skills or the skills of your team
  • Raise functional performance and status
  • Understand the latest contracting trends
  • Boost your status and career

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Membership Types & Pricing

IACCM Members gain inspiration from our networked community, resources and training. Membership will enable you to:

  • Benchmark your contracting process, identify the investment case for streamlining your process and function.
  • Compare your performance, obtain specific operational benchmarks to gauge efficiency and effectiveness, enhance your organization’s standing through demonstrated excellence.
  • Assess your skills or the skills of your team, identify gaps relative to peers, key competitors or trading partners.
  • Raise functional performance and status, invest in high impact, research-supported collaborative training and professional certification.
  • Understand contracting practices and emerging trends, gain access to IACCM’s Advisory Services, message boards and unparalleled library providing innovative insights into commercial offerings and contract terms.
  • Boost your status and career, enhance your personal credibility through training and access to unique research programs, making you an undisputed authority for contract and commercial trends.
"We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."
John F. Kennedy - July 1961