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Upcoming Events

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23 Oct Ask The Expert - The 7 habits of a Commercial Adviser
29 Oct IACCM's Contract Management Learning and Certification Programs Explained
29 Oct itSMF Danmark - IT Service Management - Racing to the sky
30 Oct Executive Roundtable Germany: 'Contract management is a growing business en...
03 Nov IACCM Learning Program Webinar: Supplier/Customer Relationship Management
03 Nov IACCM Members Meeting - Johannesburg, South Africa
04 Nov Contract Management Seminar and Workshop - Johannesburg, South Africa
12 Nov The Keys To Negotiating Better Software Agreements And Software As A Servic...
13 Nov Understanding the IACCM SRM Learning & Certification Program
19 Nov The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX)
24 Nov IACCM Member Meeting - Toronto Canada
25 Nov IACCM Member Meeting - London, UK
27 Nov IACCM Member Meeting, Amstelveen, Netherlands
08 Dec IACCM Member Meeting - Paris, France
09 Dec Contract Law for Non-Lawyers - Reading, UK
10 Dec IACCM's Contract Management Learning and Certification Programs Explained
10 Dec Constructive Negotiation - Reading, UK
11 Dec Essential Contract Drafting Skills Workshop - Reading, UK
12 Mar IACCM Member Meeting - Aberdeen, Scotland
23 Apr IACCM Members Meeting, London, UK
28 Apr Eye On China Webinar Series 2014 - Protecting Your Inventions and Trade Sec...
15 Jun IACCM Annual Europe Forum 2015 - London
06 Oct 2015 IACCM Annual Americas Conference