IACCM Facts & Figures

IACCM is the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management.

What is IACCM?

We are a global community of the people of organizations that make trading relationships work.

Our Mission

To help our members develop innovation, best practices, and operational excellence both personally and within their organizations, and through sharing these goals and methods, to raise professional status and practices worldwide. 


Who We Are

  • Over 40,000 members from 164 countries
  • An extended network of 16,000 corporations from every major industry
  • Member companies include around half of the Global 500
  • Offices in Europe, North & South America and Australia:  Representatives worldwide

Our Members

  • From contracts, legal and commercial management and sharing a passion for individual performance and functional contribution
  • Equally divided between buy-side and sell-side focus
  • United by determination to deliver operational excellence

Our Success

  • Over the past 3 years, our membership growth rates have exceeded 30% year upon year
  • More than 25,000 professionals have participated in IACCM's worldwide events
  • Over 1,000 corporations have participated in IACCM research initiatives
  • Providing leadership in worldwide recognition of commercial and contracting excellence
  • Developers of the acknowledged global standards for contracts and commercial knowledge and benchmarks
  • Leaders in research, training and certifications in contracting and relationship management

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