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Commitment Matters Blog Contract and commercial management raise contentious issues Published: 26 Jan 2015 Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Contract Management and Commercial Management are becoming increasing sources of disagreement and contention.
Commitment Matters Blog Contracts: are there no limits? Published: 20 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog While many continue to question the value and relevance of contracts, there are indications that our world is becoming more driven by rules and litigation.
Commitment Matters Blog Opinions versus facts Published: 19 Jan 2015 Average Rating: 5.0 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Fact-based decision making is gaining the attention of business leaders worldwide. That is because they recognize it has critical importance to survival in today's volatile, competitive and complex markets.
Articles / White Papers When a conversation becomes a contract Published: 13 Jan 2015 Type: Articles / White Papers A recent High Court judgment highlights the risk of using informal communications to conduct contract negotiations. In Bieber v Teathers, the Judge held that emails can be used to form a binding contract (whether intentional or not).
Commitment Matters Blog Contract audit: establishing value Published: 12 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog It has been some years since ISG introduced an audit service for outsourcing contracts. I recall that they estimated clients could save up to 7% of contract value through corrections of supplier over-billing.
Commitment Matters Blog And the list continues to grow ... Published: 08 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Yesterday I was involved with a briefing call for the IACCM Advisory Council. We discussed a number of emerging trends - including those which I outlined in my blog 'A new year makes no difference'.
Commitment Matters Blog Commercial excellence: from concept to reality Published: 07 Jan 2015 Average Rating: 4.0 / 5 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Those who follow the work of IACCM will be familiar with our assertions that commercial competence is becoming a major topic for business leaders. Faced by the growing complexity and competitiveness of a networked world, the ability to make better commercial judgments and to a...
Commitment Matters Blog A new year makes no difference .... Published: 06 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog It is conventional at the start of a new year to reflect on what went before and to forecast what lies ahead. In reality, the change of a digit in the date has no significance. The world of contracts and commercial management was just the same on January 1st as it had been on ...
Commitment Matters Blog Collaborative contracts don't always work Published: 05 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog At this time of year when many preach a message of good will, it seems appropriate to reflect on collaborative contracts, which surely reflect this benign spirit.
Commitment Matters Blog Coping with the challenges of time Published: 05 Jan 2015 Type: Commitment Matters Blog Most business people struggle with priorities and the challenge of conflicting demands on time. Most of us probably find such tensions stressful and wonder whether we can ever find the right balance.
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