Escrow Agreement Sample 2010 (Non-Verification)

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Escrow Agreement Sample 2010 (Non-Verification)

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Huawei Technologies
2014-04-08 02:06:31

Special clauses for ITO in comparision with other outsourcing (for example network equipment outsourcing)

There are clauses that generally apply for outsourcing such as transition, transfer (assets , HR), post-contract verification, exit, transformation, termination, SLA/K...
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2014-04-07 07:36:41

Definition of Non Trivial

We have a situation around a change in legislation resulting in lost revenue. The Contract states that either parties can propose to very the Charges in respect to non...
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Smith Assured
2014-03-03 05:19:59

Supplier excluding all liability?

"XXX shall not be liable to Reseller or Authorised Users for a matter attributable to Force Majeure, or damages of any nature arising from XXX's conduct under this Agr...
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Bluehaus Group
2014-02-18 00:28:24

Definition of Days

If "day/s" is not specified in the Contract, does it automatically be considered as calendar days or working days? The issue here has something to do with turn-around...
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The Boler Company
2012-07-27 12:54:16


Does anyone have or know of a resource that summarizes each of the FAR/DFAR clauses?  I am looking to develop a quick-reference guide that will identify the subst...
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ESP Global Services
2014-02-12 06:23:33

Non-Compete provisions in UK Contract

Hi, I'm seeing increased use of non-compete, or non-competition provisions (restrictive covenan) being used by our customers in UK jurisdiction contracts. No...

Dell Corporation
2014-01-15 07:40:03

Nugatory costs and expenses

Fellow members, in respect of claims for damages, I have a clause that says '[in respect of a direct damages lol clause]...it shall not be taken as limiting the r...
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2014-01-07 12:09:05


By Law, does a Company have the right not to make any payment to the Supplier and indemnify itself against any liens,or fines levied or exercised against it
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2014-01-02 08:46:02

risks / challenges of contracting under foreign law & jurisdiction

Our standard agreement currently states the following in relation to governing law & jurisdiction:- This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or i...
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