IACCM Ask the Expert: Procurement Leadership and the challenges facing buyers and suppliers in today's markets - Recording

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The strategic challenges facing procurement leaders and professionals today are not the same as they were in the past. Are you doing the same thing expecting different results?

In this call we will discuss some of these challenges with Eric Beylier, who has been leading the change as CPO for Tetra Technologies. We will explore not only where the role is going internally, but also looking at external supplier behavior and the values needed to develop more sustainable relationships.


Our Expert : Eric Beylier
Eric Beylier is VP - Head of Global Supply Chain & Procurement for Tetra Technologies.  Mr. Beylier has over 20 years of experience and expertise with many global companies' supply chain and procurement groups across industries such as Oil & Gas, Specialty Chemicals, High-Tech, Financial Institutions & Retail, and he has done extensive work in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Over his career, he has led and strategically sourced over $3 billion of various products & services and negotiated over $300 million in capital and operational savings for companies such as ChevronTexaco, British Petroleum/Atlantic Richfield, Bank of America, The Gap Inc. and Hewlett-Packard. He currently heads the supply chain & procurement organization of Tetra Technologies Inc.', a $1B geographically diversified Oil & Gas Service Company. Mr. Beylier received his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic Saint Louis ESCOM in Paris, after which he led R&D projects at M.I.T. for the U.S Department of Defense. He is also the recipient of an M.B.A from The University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.).

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