The Case for Contract Management: Why You Should Get Started Today

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2015-02-12 20:34:59

Enterprise Technology Governance - what can executives do to help up-skill their board in technology to ensure procurement projects go ahead?

There is a debate raging on LinkedIn and Blogs in Australia, about the technology governance competence of boards and the impact of low technology knowledge on board r...
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2014-08-28 14:14:27

Continued discussion re Novatus, et.al.

For Novatus or any software CLM - is there one suggested software that would be a recommendation regardless of the size of your company - that is small - global? Your...
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Orbitz Worldwide, LLC
2014-08-14 10:13:45

Contract Management System RFP

Hello - We are starting the process of replacing our current system and I was wondering if there was a good sample RFP/RFI for contract management available.
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2014-07-07 21:29:19


Is anyone using Novatus? If so would love to hear from you.
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2014-06-10 10:50:40

Recommendations for Contract Management System product?

Does anyone have good experience with a Contract Management System, that works well? Our organization is at a crossroads, either looking to spend substantial $ on upg...
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2014-04-16 02:59:37

SpendPool Management

Hi, Can someone help me with SpendPool Management process. Regards, Ranjit
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2014-03-14 05:20:26

Credit scoring and risk management software

Hi, Can anyone recommend through experience software that provides business credit reports with added risk management facilities. We have previously used D&B. Regards
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2014-03-04 05:22:52

SAP modules for contracts management (Ariba, CLM...etc)

Hi, Have you been using Ariba SAP module for Customers and/or Suppliers Contracts Management and if so, what has been the feedback so far? Thank you and Regards. Soua...
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Yale University
2013-02-15 21:26:12

Contract Management software

I am trying to develop a business case for our organization to move from a legacy contract management system into an integrated system., I am having trouble however (...
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