The Case for Contract Management: Why You Should Get Started Today

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2015-08-30 07:06:00

ADM Contract

What are the key elements on Application Development & Maintenance contract?
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2015-08-04 08:44:04

Legal Matter/Project Management

I am looking for recommendations on legal matter/project management software applications, preferably cloud-based. I work in a small in-house legal department (2 attor...
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2015-08-03 19:26:09

Contract Management Software for Architectural Firm

I'm looking for a way to manage our contract process so we don't miss anything. I'm fairly new at this, and currently use several spreadsheets to track everything and...
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2015-06-19 12:59:43

Contract Management System search

In the market for a new contract management software system and considering Novatus, Contract Logix, Cobble Stone Systems, Agiloft, Merrill Datasite and Selectica. Any...
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2015-05-07 03:03:48

Operationalizing Risk Management in Pre-Sales

Since more than 11 years I have been involved in risk management in the area of pre-sales for a high tech company. Process design and process management have been my p...
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ERM-West, Inc.
2015-04-29 16:06:29

Contract Management Software

I am looking for a contract management software application that ideally will interface with BST financial/accounting software and/or Salesforce. I would also like the...
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2015-03-19 03:26:39

Migrating licenses to the Cloud

Hi - we're currently considering increasing our consumption of cloud services. However initial feedback from some of our software licensors is indicatinga plethora o...
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2015-02-12 20:34:59

Enterprise Technology Governance - what can executives do to help up-skill their board in technology to ensure procurement projects go ahead?

There is a debate raging on LinkedIn and Blogs in Australia, about the technology governance competence of boards and the impact of low technology knowledge on board r...
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2014-08-28 14:14:27

Continued discussion re Novatus, et.al.

For Novatus or any software CLM - is there one suggested software that would be a recommendation regardless of the size of your company - that is small - global? Your...
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