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Commercial & Contract Management (CCM) Certification

Associate (CCMA) is open to anyone working in a contracts / commercial management role who can demonstrate the appropriate skills and knowledge.


Practitioner (CCMP) is for those who can demonstrate the required skills and knowledge, and have a minimum of two years experience in the field.


Expert (CCME) requires a minimum of seven years experience in a management or senior specialist role, and a more extensive assessment and peer review.


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Certification

SRM Associate (SRMA) is for those who act as the routine contact point between their company and supplier. They are likely to be new in role and may have come from a procurement or contracts background. No experience required.


SRM Practitioner (SRMP) is for those who have managed suppliers in a formal SRM role for two or more years, and who support the development of supplier contracts, targets and selection methodology.


SRM Expert (SRME) is open to those who direct and inform policies and procedures with the strategic supply chain and senior levels of management within both organisations. They have excellent commercial skills and provide direction and mentoring for individuals in their team. They are likely to have performed at the practitioner level and been in SRM related roles for 5 or more years.


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