IACCM Council

As IACCM continues to grow and increase its global influence we all share a commitment to facilitating member engagement at all levels. The new IACCM Council is structured to be truly representative of the membership and provide greater regional, industry and subject matter representation through an election process.


The inaugural elections took place in November 2018 and IACCM is delighted to welcome the 156 new Council Members. There are 3 categories of Council Members; regional, certain countries and certain IACCM Networks. The categories and number of Council Members appointed reflect the relevant membership numbers.


2019 IACCM Council Representatives








United Arab Emirates


Central and Eastern Europe


Central America and Caribbean


Middle East and Central Asia


Southern and Eastern Asia




The Benefits of Membership Council

Membership provides a high-status leadership opportunity with the ability to network with like-minded peers across geographical and industry boundaries. Members of the Council will be invited to regular, private briefings on key trends in the industry to ensure they are always fully informed.

At an Association level, election to the Council is a direct route for members wishing to be considered for a place on the IACCM Board. Four Council Members will be elected by their peers to the Board.

In addition, Council Members receive a 50% (non-transferable) discount on IACCM Conference fees.

Requirements to Stand for Election to the IACCM Council

IACCM members are encouraged to nominate themselves as candidates for the annual elections. Candidates must:

  • Maintain a fully paid Membership of the Association
  • Act as Ambassadors by supporting and promoting the Association’s mission, vision, strategic goals and policy positions within the candidate’s constituency
  • Actively attend all IACCM Council briefings and represent relevant constituents in other meetings
  • Keep informed of the Association’s current programmes, research activities etc. and participate in programmes, conferences and other events
  • Help with the Association’s efforts to increase membership by identifying and cultivating relationships with potential corporate and individual members
  • Comply with the IACCM Code of Conduct including non-solicitation of business
  • Lead and actively participate in IACCM Networks
  • Support the arrangement of Local Member Meetings
  • Participate (and encourage participation) in IACCM Research Studies, plus propose relevant research topics
  • Suggest topics and identify presenters and speakers for live and web-based events
  • On election attend an orientation webinar
  • Contribute to IACCM’s Newsletter


Please contact Wendy Lawson, Senior Director of Member Services and Technology at wlawson@iaccm.com.