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Soren Molby Henriksen



WHY ProVations:

"We make your business grow and be sustainable"

Value Proposition:

'We offer strategic IT procurement and innovation advice, learning opportunities & hands-on implementation'


Procurement Advisory

Innovation Management


Procurement Strategy & Transformation

Business Partnering

Training within Negotiations and Procurement

Facilitating Think Tanks to foster improved Procurement capabilities with a business- and CX-oriented mindset

Delivered by people from Central Europe, USA and the Nordics with a vast global experience within the disciplines of procurement, business and innovation from various senior leadership positions.

Søren Mølby Henriksen:

An ambitious, results-driven professional with focuses on strategy, procurement, innovation, sales and a background in relationship management and banking (in total 30 years). Senior Relationship Manager for 7 years and Head of IT Procurement for 6 years with Nordea, with proven managerial skills and results in a continuously changing environment.

Most recently served 6 years with Danske Bank. During this period, realized yearly savings of up to EUR 25-100 million. In both organizations led and contributed to Group Procurement transforming into a highly professional team.

Used procurement innovation to create top line growth for Danske Bank and improved customer experiences for Danske Bank clients, and transformed the Danske Bank procurement practice into a more customer-centric and commercial-oriented team. Applied experience selling, networking, fostering innovation, and transforming procurement with a focus on the customer and a commercial mindset.

Also part of the Commercial Transformation Alliance powered by the IACCM:

The Commercial Transformation Alliance uses research and experience to evidence the opportunity and then work with you to bridge to impact.

Our practitioner experience means, that we focus as much on the "how" as the "what" - we are as focused on the realized value as the potential value. Whilst we bring the benefits of a dynamic approach to building the right team to support you, we do se within a consistent approach - all of our team have been long-term members and active participants of the IACCM.

The CTA is powered by IACCM research and innovation. Using IACCM expertise we focus on key areas of re-gaining value by:

- understanding organisational competency and individual skills through the IACCM assessments and developing improvement recommendations and plans

- simplifying contracts to ensure all parties understand them
- improving contractual relationships and ways of working
- developing commercial capabilities and capacity
- increasing the value gained from people, process and tools improvements (technology)

CTA is unigue in that our approach not only covers the full trading life-cycle, we also cover both buy- and sell-side approaches. We appreciate the motivations of both side of the table and can optimise solutions for all.

Find out more by contacting: info@commercialtransformation.com.

Soren Molby Henriksen - Denmark, IACCM