The IACCM Innovation and Excellence Awards

Our 2020 awards program is now OPEN!

As an association whose purpose is to improve the quality and integrity of trading relationships, we understand the importance of recognizing individuals and organizations that are achieving the highest standards in the field of contract and commercial management. Let’s celebrate our global innovation and excellence success stories together!

NEW for 2020!

Three NEW awards categories

IACCM & Elevate Award for Inclusion & Diversity

IACCM & State of Flux Award for Excellence in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

IACCM & OCP Award for “Open Contracting Impact”

Plus, we still have our existing five categories – find out more by clicking on the Categories tab.

To enter, just register and submit your answers to these simple questions:

  • Describe clearly your business, function and the business challenge or issue that required an innovative approach; how it was identified and in which ways contract or commercial improvements were relevant and would help to overcome the challenge. 
  • Describe the approach that was taken to initiate the project and any barriers / pre-requisites and how you addressed them and/or overcame them (for example, absence of data; need for executive sponsorship; stakeholder engagement; internal resistance).
  • Who was involved in the project, how long did it take, and what were your key discoveries along the way?
  • List the results achieved and the impact that the project has had on the business and/or on your customers or suppliers. These should cover areas such as financial contribution; efficiency indicators (e.g. time, resource savings); effectiveness indicators.
  • Describe the lessons learned / next steps. In what ways has this project paved the way for future improvements and the on-going development of contract and commercial capability?

Each question is limited to 250 words. You can submit your entry to one of our regional programs: EMEA, Asia Pacific or Americas. Open to all IACCM members and non-members, we would encourage individuals and organizations, large and small who believe they have a story to share, to enter.

The submission deadline for ALL regions is 14 September 2020.

Please click here to submit your entry for Asia Pacific.

Please click here to submit your entry for EMEA.

Please click here to submit your entry for Americas.