Leaders of the Future Award

2018 Winning Team Announced

We are delighted to announce the Australasia Team as the global winner of the 2018 Leaders of the Future Award.

Leaders of the Future - 2018 winning team
2018 Regional Winners

Australasia Team
Global Winner

Taylor Pearce • Ausgrid
Florence Cheng • NBN Co Limited
Michelle Porter • CASG - Dept of Defence
Mr Heng Lau • Toyota
Andrew Watson • BAE Systems Australia Ltd

Americas Team

Kevin Buss • GM
Eduardo Yahn DO Santos • Rockwell
James Manship • Raytheon
Samantha Bates • WL Gore
Danielle Taimuty • ConocoPhilips

Europe Team

Lars Riber Boe • Ramboll
Holly Kisby • Lockheed
Adriana Bendikova • Dell
Daisie Brown • BT
Bogdan Chiriac • Deutsche Bank
Jennifer Lawrence • Meggitt


Much is written about the importance of developing leaders and this year, at IACCM’s conferences, the concept is turned into action.

Based on a program created and designed by the CEO, Sally Hughes, the IACCM gives our member the opportunity to nominate a young individual from the organisation to step into a new and challenging environment. The selected young stars network and join a private session with senior leaders to enable them to deliver a presentation focused on a specific issue.

Participants benefit from direct interactions and mentoring by ‘leaders of today’, they are then exposed to transformational ideas and emerging technologies. The nominees network with each other, with professional delegates and speakers to make the most of the 3 days conference.

Our Leaders of the Future are able to share the knowledge that they gain from the conference to adapt it in their organisation. This initiative help them to be ready for all the changes going on in the contract world especially that we are in desperate need for young ambassadors with new thinking to embrace entering the future challenges.

Leaders of the future initiative reinforce the IACCM vision of creating commercial teams that are increasingly integrated, breaking down some of the functional boundaries that inhibit today’s business performance. 

This program is available to members only with a limit of 1 nominee per organisation. Places are limited. If interested please contact info@iaccm.com.

If you are interested please contact info@iaccm.com.