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We had a tie result in Asia Pacific! There are two regional winners. Each regional winning group of future leaders has a video below; please view each and select one that you would like to vote for. Please note that only one vote will be recorded, though you can change your vote.

In order to help you decide which presentation you believe most effectively answered the challenge statement and deserves the accolade of “Global Winner” – this is the challenge that we set them:

"Coronavirus has been the catalyst for new ways of working that environmentalists championed but failed to achieve.  While we are rapidly discovering the challenges of our enforced virtual world, the nature of this pandemic indicates that we should expect profound long-term changes in working practices.  Commerce and supply chains depend on relationships, on effective negotiation and collaboration. As “Leaders of the Virtual Future”, what do you believe must change to ensure that our virtual trading relationships are sustainable and deliver social and economic benefit?"

Voting is open to Wednesday 8 July 2020. The global winner will be announced on Friday 10 July 2020.


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