Contract Standards

In recent years IACCM has been at the bleeding edge of mass data analytics, an area that is transforming the field of contracting. The intense interest expressed in this area mirrors what we are seeing in the wider commercial environment.

Join the growing number of organizations, including corporations, governments, legal and consultancy firms who are taking advantage of the IACCM Conformed Clause Standards for Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) Master Services Agreements (MSA’s) and Data Sharing Agreements (DSA’s).  These Standards add to IACCM’s formative global research and are designed to yield cutting-edge knowledge and drive fundamental change in contract design and the way contract principles, frameworks and solutions are developed and agreed.

"Contracts are the language of business. They document our commercial relationships. Streamlined contract standards - based on the analysis of thousands of agreements - is the most effective way to expedite transactions and reduce costs."
Kingsley Martin, Chief Contract Scientist, Akorda

"We are all challenged to do more for less.  By adopting common Contracting Principles and Standards that reflect the IACCM contract design pattern library, we will dramatically reduce the negotiation cycle and drive material improvements in deal velocity."

Paul Branch.  Head of Contract Management, BT Group

Please click on the link to learn more, https://www.contractstandards.com/iaccm-contractstandards (free login required).