Contract Standards

In recent years IACCM has been at the bleeding edge of mass data analytics, an area that is transforming the field of contracting. The intense interest expressed in this area mirrors what we are seeing in the wider commercial environment.

Over the past 18 months, corporations have submitted their Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) to IACCM in a global initiative designed to yield cutting edge knowledge and drive fundamental change in the way contract standards are developed and agreed.

Join the growing number of organisations who are contributing to formative global research in the area of contract simplification, design and standardization based on mass data analytics.

"Contracts are the language of business. They document our commercial relationships. Streamlined contract standards - based on the analysis of thousands of agreements - is the most effective way to expedite transactions and reduce costs."
Kingsley Martin, Chief Contract Scientist, Akorda

"We must realign on the actual purpose of standards. It is not to be armed for a 'war of templates'! It is to efficiently build solid common ground on the basics, to then fully and effectively focus on the business relationship and the desired business outcome!"
Dr. Dierk Schindler, M.I.L. (Lund), Head of EMEA Legal & Global Legal Shared Services, NetApp

Three Simple Ways to Participate:
  1. Submit a template/boilerplate NDA
  2. Submit a redacted (anonymised) executed NDA
  3. Contact Wendy Lawson at IACCM to provide more than one NDA
  • If you submit your template/boilerplate NDA, you will receive a template which represents the norm based on analysis of thousands of other templates plus you will be able to compare your own template with the “norm”.
  • If you submit an executed or series of executed NDA’s you will receive feedback which identifies norms based on the analysis of thousands of templates and executed NDA’s together with other interesting statistics (e.g. levels of disparity between boilerplate and executed agreements).