IACCM Ask The Expert - Sustainable Supply Chain & ICT
28th April 2011 Virtual Event

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IACCM and Acquisti&Sostenibilita’ are pleased to invite you to: Sustainable Supply Chain & ICT- From the supply chain sustainability of ICT to ICT for assessing and optimizing the impact of other sectors’ supply chain.

Thursday April 28th- 4 PM Rome, 3PM UK, 10 AM ET NA, 7 AM PT NA

Since the SMART 2020 report from GeSI and The Climate Group , written with McKinsey and many other contributors, it’s clear that ICT has a small, growing negative impact on the climate changes due to GHG, but also that it can have indirectly a 5 times more positive contribution by helping other sectors (i.e. building, logistic, power distribution, etc.) to reduce their own environmental impact.

Nowadays we are additionally aware that GHG is only one aspect of the problem, since a global demand from governments, distributors, NGO and consumers for more sustainable products and services is rising.

To effectively assess “how much a product or service is sustainable” we need to look at the “social”, “environmental”, “economic” and sometime also “cultural” impact, during its entire life cycle. It means that the procurement and the supply chain management must take into account not only the price, the quality, the time to market, etc., but should also be able to report and reduce the embedded energy, pollution and GHG, water usage, scarce resource depletion, provide proof of respect of labor and fair trade, health safety, take care of global needs and so on.

This seminar will approach the analysis of the sustainability in the supply chain from these two point of views:

1. How much the supply chain of ICT products and services (cloud computing, mobile computing and consumerization are now emerging as a revolutionary changes) is sustainable, taking into account some specific aspects (such as e-waste, shortening life cycle, etc.) that can be managed and improved..

2. How ICT tools and services can contribute to increase the sustainability of the supply chain, for example by helping to evaluate LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) or providing radical transparency (as explained by D. Goleman) to customers.


Our Expert: Donato Toppeta

Electronics engineer with long-standing technical and managerial experience in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) sector and skills in environmental sustainability and strategy consultanc, Donato held the role of principal consultant for Microsoft Enterprise Services for 13 years, focused on ICT architectural design and planning, technical assessment and economic justification, detailed design and deployment management of important infrastructural projects and solutions for large companies.

He developed network infrastructural services, global systems of electronic mail and conferencing, solutions with high reliability, security and energy saving features. He contributed to increase the efficiency and agility of the organization, reducing the operating costs and the environmental impact.

He managed projects and relations in international contexts, and radical organizational and technological changes, using innovative technologies and training staff, clients and partners. He previously worked for different divisions of Honeywell – Bull, from MIS to R&D and Engineering, including the role of manager of the knowledge engineering team.

Now Donato is associated senior consultant of "The Innovation Group" a management consulting boutique, focusing on Innovating Business and Organizations through ICT and he is actively supporting several no profits organizations: FFITS(Foundation for IT Sustainability), Think!(The Innovation Knowledge Foundation), and above all: Acquisti&Sostenibilità (Inspiring Sustainable Supply Chain, member of the Strategic Supply Chain Group) where he is in the Board of Directors as PM for sustainable ICT.

The seminar will be facilitated by Gianmaria Riccardi, European Commercial Director at Cisco Sytems and IACCM EMEA Vice-Chair

You can find some background information and additional references to the sources related to this presentation in my blog ICT4Green.eu