IACCM Ask the Expert - The Future of Contracting
1st September 2011 Virtual Event

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Thursday 1 September - 3PM BST, 4PM CET, 10AM ET US, 8AM MT US, 7AM PT US

The Future of Contracting: Removing the Barriers to Successful Trading Relationships
What will contracting in 2020 look like? On behalf of IACCM, Roy Anderson has been interviewing leaders across a number of industries, a group that represents buy-side, sell-side and legal perspectives, to get their insights into what they think will happen. The study’s aim is to generate a visionary outlook from thought-leading executives, offering a platform for strategic planning and change programs. A consolidated report will be supplemented by a series of workshops and discussion forums, including an initial Executive Workshop at the IACCM Global Conference October.

As global complexity grows, and market volatility increases, traditional contracts and commercial practices must adapt. Today, there is increasing evidence that they represent a barrier to change and innovation.

During this call, participants will gain insights around the primary role, impact and capability of the contract and contracting process in the year 2020, and who will be responsible for its management. How will the contracting process create the most value for the enterprise in 2020? Tune in to find out, register now.

The implications to the way contracts are formed, our approach to risk, and the role of key stakeholders in the contracting process are potentially profound.


Our Expert: Roy Anderson
Roy Anderson is the Vice President of Procurement Services at Metasys Technologies Inc., where he collaborates with customers to provide comprehensive procurement services in order to increase supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. Working in partnership with the client’s Procurement operation, Roy and his team provide the technology and the staffing for spend analytics, procure to pay services, strategic sourcing and supplier management. They incorporate market leading category expertise to enable high performance procurement operations and build partnerships with the client’s internal customers to optimize spend results.

Roy is the former Chief Procurement Officer for State Street Bank and Vice President of Global Procurement for MetLife. Prior to joining MetLife, he worked as a director of purchasing at John Hancock Financial Services during their demutualization, and he was also the director of purchasing operations for Fidelity Investments. He has worked as purchasing manager in commercial and military manufacturing facilities for Textron Corp. and Raytheon Company.
Roy has built data driven, high performing global sourcing teams in the US, India, Korea and Mexico, with a focus on building collaboration across the organization, creating transformation teams and driving savings to the bottom-line.

Roy has thirteen years of experience working supply chain within commercial and military manufacturing, sourcing electrical, mechanical and subassembly components. He has seventeen years of experience driving Procurement in Financial Institutions, working areas including Legal, Variable Workforce, Marketing, Print, IT, Facilities and Professional Services. He has designed, and integrated global travel programs driving demand management and improved associate safety. Roy has built multi-tiered staff training and coaching, incorporated into individual experiential development plans. He has been successful at implementing e-procurement, supplier risk management, and supplier performance and governance programs as well as building green initiatives, supplier diversity programs and change management initiatives. Roy holds a BS and MBA from Babson College of Wellesley, Massachusetts.