Successful Contracts: Merging Legal Design, Proactive Law, and Technology - Helsinki, Finland
13th February 2018 Live Event Partner Events

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Successful Contracts: Merging Legal Design, Proactive Law, and Technology

13.Feb.2018 17.00-20.00

Alma Talent, Alvar Aallon katu 3, Helsinki Kuvaus

Current contracts are neither machine-readable nor easily human-readable. While some contracts may need to work as evidence in court, most do not. Instead, they need to work for the parties so they get the results they want to accomplish. What can we do to make contracts work better? Join us to explore how merging legal design and technology with Proactive Law can enable successful contracts: commercially and legally sound, while easier to prepare, work with and act upon.

Our host and chair: Anna Ronkainen, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, TrademarkNow,Helsinki Legal Hackers CoordinatorOur speakers:

Helena Haapio, Lexpert Ltd / University of Vaasa, SIG-9 / IACCM Finland Coordinator
New contract genres: from smart to wise, from text to visuals
  • The emerging functions of contracts: from legal tools to business enablers
  • Proactive Law in action: zero disputes, focus on the users & ease of use
  • Towards contracts that work for people and machines: merging the best of code, text, sound, visuals, comics, and more – highlights from the Comic & Creative Contracts Conference in Perth Dec 2017 (https://www.comicbookcontracts.com/)
Stefania Passera, Lexpert Ltd / Aalto University
Bringing design (and tech!) into contract design
  • What is contract design? How contract visualization, legal design, and legal tech are changing this concept
  • Design & tech approaches to improve contract design: pattern libraries, automation, prototyping, Legal Design Jams…
  • From visualization to legal design – A brief history. But how do we go forward?  

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