From Technical Professional to Manager and Leader - Informa Corporate Learning - Melbourne
14th November 2018 - 15th November 2018 Live Event External & On-site Training

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2-Day Training Course: What Leadership Skills will Actually Make a Difference?

14-15 November 2018  - Melbourne

From Informa Corporate Learning (ANZ)

This course teaches a carefully researched, optimal blend of the basket of skills you need when transitioning from being a specialist in your career to a leader of projects, strategies & staff. Build your emotional intelligence & ability to respectfully influence others to deliver organisational & personal objectives.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Interpret the key challenges for technical professionals moving into management roles. 
  • Gain an insight into emotional intelligence, human behaviour and team dynamics. 
  • Acquire a practical framework to help you understand and influence the behaviour patterns of different types of people.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes managers make with extrinsic motivators.
  • Apply behavioural techniques to help breakdown interpersonal barriers and resolve conflict. 
  • Acquire convincing motivation, communication and influencing skills. 
  • Understand why questioning skills are a manager’s number one tool. Identifying the various sources of power at your disposal and how you can strengthen them. 
  • Identify what motivation strategies work best with different people. 
  • Develop a leadership style that gains buy-in and respect. 
  • Effectively use your personal power, rather than relying on authority, or positional power.
  • Understand the relationship between good leadership and good “fellowship”. 
  • Tactfully provide useful feedback both positive and negative.
  • Guaranteed techniques to engender responsibility and accountability - and why most managers cultivate the opposite.

Your Expert Course Instructor - Andrew Lee

Andrew has extensive experience of over 30 years as a management consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia,
with a great deal of expertise in adult learning approaches.

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