By Invitation Only IACCM Council Orientation Webcasts
24th January 2019 Virtual Event Community Events

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The first IACCM Council webinars will be hosted by our CEO, Sally Hughes and our President, Tim Cummins. It will take place on Thursday, 24th January 2019 on three occasions to account for all time zones:

Webinar 1: Asia Pacific friendly: Sydney 17.00; New Delhi 11.30; Dubai 10.00

Webinar 2: Europe friendly: Dubai 17.00; London 13.00; New York 08.00

Webinar 3: Americas friendly: London 17.30; New York 12.30; San Francisco 09.30


If you believe you should be on the webinar and have not received an invitation, please email wlawson(at)iaccm.com.