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16th May 2019 Live Event Partner Events

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Balancing Collaboration and Compliance

IACCM is conducting a collaborative workshop series with The Beyond Group AG in 2019 to explore insights and develop applicable takeaways and tools to help our membership more completely understand and deal with the emerging challenge of achieving balance between ‘collaboration’ and ‘compliance’.

This series of 3 workshops* will bring together senior representatives from major corporations. It consists of three full day sessions, separated by several weeks, to ASSESS, ANALYSE and UNLOCK the realities of ‘Balancing Collaboration and Compliance’. These workshops rely upon participants attending these intense sessions to gain the deepest possible understanding of this developing area.

About the workshop

Making decisions about how to allocate limited resources is one of the most important aspects of your job. And there’s no resource more limited (or more valuable) than your time. If you’re going to make the decision to take time out of the office, you want to be sure you’ll get serious return-on-investment.

That’s why the IACCM and The Beyond Group have joined to launch these break-through sessions and make them available to the IACCM community. The Beyond Group’s deep experience sets them apart: as former CPOs, commercial executives and senior practitioners in the productivity space, we know that leaders don’t need to hear the same old success stories from talking heads – you need to deeply discuss the topics which aren’t being covered in public forums and tap into the combined experience of your peers to really impact business performance.

Each of the sessions will be scheduled in European locations that are convenient to the majority of attendees.

This is a new series and these Think Tanks will cover some of the hottest topics in our profession today.  Depending on the reaction of our membership to this new offering, we are considering the following topics for additional Thinking Beyond Workshops.

  • Becoming and remaining a partner of choice,  What are the skills and capabilities that will earn you a place as the preferred partner in a significant business relationship?
  • The economics of TRM: Buyers and Sellers can transform value, How do a company’s processes, methods and technology drive certain types of corporate commercial behaviours and how these behaviours affect the value achieved from trading relationships.
  • Risk and Compliance and how you can destroy business relationships and value,  Can the pursuit of risk-management go too far and potentially destroy value in a relationship and stifle creativity within an organization?
  • Innovation:  Leading the search, evaluation and acquisition of innovative ideas, products and business processes, Finding and acquiring innovation is one of the hardest things for companies to do.  Build the framework and infrastructure to make this happen

The first session will take place in Madrid on the 16th May, second in London on the 3rd July and the third and last one this year on the 12th September 2019.

To register interest please email Wendy Lawson, Senior Director of Member Services and Technology at wlawson@iaccm.com.


Please note that you will be registering and sharing your contact information with a third party for this workshop!