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11th July 2019 Virtual Event Ask The Expert (ATE) Webinars
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We like to keep our members apprised of the latest innovations in our field. In this webcast, we will hear from three emerging technology start-up companies who showcased their offerings at the IACCM European Conference in April. What are they bringing to the market and what difference will it make?

Join us to see what is on the cutting edge.

#1 - ClauseBase, a revolutionary contract drafting software, launched in 2018 by ex-attorneys from international law firms who were fed up with the limited capabilities of existing products.

ClauseBase re-envisions the traditional approach to contract automation taken by most incumbents by transforming contracts into stacks of intelligent clauses. This allows for the easy creation of complex documents while ClauseBase ensures internal consistency in terminology, grammar, styling, language, definitions, cross-referencing, legal nuance and many more. These intelligent clauses are stored centrally in an organization’s clause library, allowing for both easy storage and easy deployment of existing contract knowledge. 

The solution also empowers legal departments to facilitate the contract drafting process by outsourcing it to business users in a secure and intuitive manner.  


#2 - MeditatiBlue's Octavia platform is a disruptor to traditional litigation, evolving a new era of technology-led dispute resolution. Octavia™ is a Commercial Three Strand Management™ (CTSM) dispute resolution platform, which provides businesses with an impartial, neutral, technology-based platform for the rapid resolution of commercial conflict.

The Octavia platform de-risks commercial relationships and leads businesses to focus on the early identification and resolution of conflict. The CTSM process is quick and is implemented prior to the parties becoming entrenched in adversarial positions.


#3 - Bigle Legal is the next-generation end-to-end document automation platform. Our mission is to transform the way law firms, real estate professionals, notaries and in-house legal teams at any business create and manage documents. It’s time to say goodbye to repetitive tasks and refocus your efforts on high-value consultancy and customer-centric work – and grow your business.

Our secure cloud-based platform automates your complex documents and allows you to create new contracts in under 5 minutes. With fully customisable document templates, dynamic forms and EU-compliant digital signatures, legal teams can save hundreds of thousands of Euros a year in repetitive paperwork. 

    Thursday, 11th July

    • 8 am Seattle
    • 11 am New York / Caracas / Santo Domingo
    • 4 pm London / Lagos / Lisbon
    • 5 pm Paris / Cape Town
    • 6 pm Helsinki / Amman / Moscow / Doha
    • 7 pm Dubai
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    • 11 pm Perth / Singapore / Beijing

    Our Guests:

    Senne Mennes Co – Founder ClauseBase

    Senne is a privacy lawyer who trained for several years at an international law firm. Having worked in close proximity with his clients, he thoroughly understands the needs of law firms as well as companies.






    Sergio Esteve de Miguel, Co-founder and CTO Bigle Legal








    Fayola Maria MeditatiBlue.