Ask the Expert: Damages, Liquidated Damages or Indemnities: How to choose between a rock and a hard place!
29th August 2019 Virtual Event Ask The Expert (ATE) Webinars
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As good commercial citizens of IACCM, we know that the really important part of our contract is the scope and goals. We understand that managing change, through good and effective governance, is far more effective in delivering commercial risk management than the typical ‘CYA’ approach (check out www.urbandictionary.com for a definition!) of spending months negotiating indemnities.

Unfortunately, though, we do not inhabit a commercial world peopled entirely by mature and sensible ‘converts’ to the IACCM cause. We regularly encounter individuals (in our own organisation as well as our suppliers and customers) who belong to the CYA school of contracting. 

This means we must spend (waste?) valuable hours negotiating indemnities, liquidated damages and limits and exclusions of liability when we know there’s virtually no chance of us ever litigating this contract. The ‘virtually’ part of that sentence means we can’t afford to just concede to whatever our counterparty is asking for, just in case…

This webinar will look at these knotty problems from the perspective of a front-line warrior in the battle against pointless negotiations. If you’ve ever wrestled with them yourself, join us to share your experiences. And if you’re dreading your first indemnity negotiation, dial in to get some tools that will help you survive the experience and maybe even live to enjoy it!

Thursday, August 29th

  • 8 am Seattle
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  • 5 pm Paris / Cape Town
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Our Expert: Tiffany Kemp

Tiffany is an inspirational, entertaining and educational business speaker, delivering engaging and highly interactive workshops and seminars to build commercial understanding within leadership teams.

She has spoken to corporate leaders, commercial professionals, executive groups, entrepreneurs and colleges in England, Denmark, Sweden and Finland (the home of the Proactive Law movement). Her workshops and seminars receive great feedback, as she involves her audience with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Tiffany encourages business people to grasp the huge opportunities the contract provides for doing more profitable deals and delivering happy customers who will buy again. Her mission is to de-mystify contracts, putting them back in the hands of business rather than being the sole preserve of lawyers. Users of her contract training app, The Butler’s Tale, will testify to her imaginative and fun approach to contract training that brings commercial contract terms into a delightfully accessible context.