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10th October 2019 Live Event IACCM Conferences
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Mr. Bruce Everett, Regional CEO, Asia Pacific, cordially invites you to: 

The IACCM Wellington Mini-conference 2019

Following our successful APAC Conference in Sydney, please register to join us on the afternoon of Thursday 10 October 2019

from 12.45pm to 5pm 

to discuss Delivering Innovation through Post-Award Trading Relationships

with Networking Drinks afterwards from 5-7pm at MOJO (sponsored by EBMS Nimblex and LawHawk).


Hear from local and international speakers, including Mr. Tim Cummins, President IACCM , and share recent research on topics including:

Procurement Rules and Delivering Public Value - Ms Angela Xygalas

Supplier Relationship Management and Innovation - Mr Bruce Everett

Establishing Excellence in Post-award Contract Management

Contracting by Design - Mr Stuart van Rij

The Direction and Role of C&CM - Mr Tim Cummins

Kindly hosted by Inland Revenue

Level 5, 55 Featherstone Street, Wellington


Please register for the mini-conference, and offsite networking drinks afterwards.
Free of charge for members and USD200 for non or trial members.


We look forward to seeing you and encouraging networking for IACCM members and non-members in New Zealand!




Registration at Inland Revenue, Level 5/55 Featherstone Street


Welcome:  Bruce R. Everett, Regional CEO Asia Pacific, IACCM

Opening keynote address:  Striving to be the best: Insights to ‘world class’

Update on global trends in CCM – what are the key challenges and opportunities facing procurement and sales contracting groups.

Tim Cummins, President, IACCM


The New Zealand Procurement Rules: Background Session 1 – Scope and Intent 

The Government Procurement Rules, 4th edition, officially come into force on 1 October 2019 for all other government agencies.

A key focus of the Rules is the importance of open competition – giving all businesses the chance to participate, and giving them enough time to respond to opportunities properly. They also help to:

  • align New Zealand procurement practice with international best practice
  • encourage more strategic procurement approaches
  • foster competition and innovation, resulting in better solutions
  • promote broader environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes.

This session will explain the scope and intent of the new Rules, as well as how to go about implementing them to achieve Best Value.

Speaker – Angela Xygalas MBIE (New Zealand Government Procurement and Property)


The New Zealand Procurement Rules: Interactive Session 2 – The Challenges of Implementation 

This session will explore the challenges of implementing Government Procurement Rules to achieve Best Practice, Foster Cooperation & Innovation and deliver Public Value. Using audience facilitation (with breakout discussions) to stimulate debate and knowledge sharing.

Facilitated by Bruce Everett, Regional CEO, IACCM 


Panel Session – Making Contracting Open by Design

Governments and companies are increasingly experimenting with making their contracting processes more open and transparent to encourage competition, enable participation by small and medium enterprise, women owned businesses and other players, and to help communities and companies better understand how they can contribute. This panel will explore why and how to embed transparency into contracting.

  • Speaker A – Jeff McDonald (DIA and Innovation & Excellence Award finalist for Improving passport delivery to New Zealanders)
  • Speaker B – Marni Gaskell (Spark)

Moderated by Ben Winslade, Chair, LegalTech NZ

14:45 15:15

Afternoon tea and networking coffee (meet the sponsors – EBMS Nimblex)



Panel Session – The Role of Contracting in Stimulating Innovation

Nearly everyone in our organisation has an idea. Our providers are full of ideas for us and our customers likewise.  That isn’t the problem. 

IACCM recently conducted research on Supplier-led Innovation and Continuous Improvement, noting that “a high proportion of contracts include provisions relating to these topics, yet there is a widespread sense that they are frequently ineffective.” Is it because they are poorly defined (as 50% of clients say and 72% of suppliers observe) or there is no formal structure to evaluate suppliers initiatives (as 22% of clients and 40% of suppliers say) or is it fundamentally a misalignment of money-saving/money-making goals between the client and supplier?

Our panel of customer and supplier-experts have read the research report and have lived with this challenge. In this session they will discuss

what did I learn, what surprised me, what more would I like to know and what will I be doing with the information?

  • Speaker A – Matt Perkins (MBIE)
  • Speaker B – Mark Richards (MFAT)
  • Speaker C – Stuart van Rij (van Rij Law / Interwoven Law)
  • Speaker D – Melvin Worth (IR Commercial Manager)

Moderated by Tim Cummins, President, IACCM and co-author of Supplier-led Innovation and Continuous Improvement







Interactive Session - BIG debate & audience vote – Kiwis rule!

The recent InCiSE report into Civil Service Effectiveness globally rated New Zealand as World's #1 in government procurement. So too the IACCM Cross-Jurisdictional Benchmark of C&CM Capability rated New Zealand very highly. As a nation of 4.7 million people, with consequent lower tax revenue and negotiating power with global suppliers, kiwis do need to think differently about ROI and SRM (well Relationship Management generally). But then there is the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and other cultural issues which can hold us back. 

The motion: Innovation in contract & commercial management is key to delivering public value, and NZ is the best innovator in the world!

  • For the motion – Ben Winslade (Chair, LegalTech NZ), Bruce Everett (IACCM)
  • Against the motion – Helen Mackay (Juno Law), Jarrod Stevens (EBMS Nimblex)

Moderated by: Bruce Everett, Regional CEO, IACCM


Speaker - The Direction and Role of Contract & Commercial Management

IACCM recently published a paper on the Direction and Role of C&CM, noting that Contract and Commercial Managers stand at a cross-roads. Many traditional tasks will erode and disappear, outsourced or automated. That does not mean an inevitable route to nowhere; new technologies elevate these roles from largely operational to increasingly strategic, from jobs that have limited influence to jobs that drive substantial business value.   

This interactive session will engage attendees in a discussion about the external forces impacting the role, purpose and contribution of CCM resources and how we prepare for the Future of Work through:

  • Talent and Skills Development
  • Training and Learning
  • Mindset shifts (including agile, business relationship management and optimism)

Tim Cummins, President IACCM


Chairperson’s closing remarks: Bruce R. Everett, Regional CEO Asia Pacific, IACCM


Network and enjoy time with your peers and sponsors at MOJO  (meet the sponsors – EBMS Nimblex, LawHawk)


Contact Bruce Everett to learn more about membership.