Ask the Expert / MOOC Call 3: Contracting Standards Update
24th October 2019 Virtual Event Ask The Expert (ATE) Webinars
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IACCM is at the leading edge of mass data analytics, an area that is transforming the field of contracting.

The intense interest expressed in this area mirrors what we are seeing in the wider commercial environment. In this vein, IACCM has partnered with Contract Standards to develop conformed clause standards that reflect an amalgamation of mass data analytics of standard agreements, the IACCM Contracting Principles, and the IACCM Contract Design Pattern Library. IACCM is currently focusing on developing clause standards for Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and Data-Sharing Agreements (DSAs). Join us in this webinar for an overview and update.

Thursday, October 24th 

  • 8 am Seattle
  • 11 am New York / Caracas / Santo Domingo
  • 4 pm London / Lagos / Lisbon
  • 5 pm Paris / Cape Town
  • 6 pm Helsinki / Amman / Moscow / Doha
  • 7 pm Dubai
  • 8:30 pm Mumbai
  • 11 pm Perth / Singapore / Beijing

Our Experts: Kingsley Martin and Paul Branch

Kingsley Martin, Chief Contract Scientist, Akorda. Kingsley has been at the forefront of technology innovation in legal practice. He has 30 years of experience in the practice of law, software design and development, strategy and management. In 2012, Kingsley was recognized by the ABA as a Legal Rebel. In 2013, he was honored as one of the Fastcase 50; an Innovator by Law Technology News; and a National Law Journal Trailblazer and Pioneer. In 2018, Kingsley was made a Fellow of the IACCM.

Kingsley developed some of the first document assembly systems. He taught himself the C computer language and automated his tax practice. Later, Kingsley was one of the leading innovators in developing the theory and practice of knowledge management. He wrote the Knowledge Management Workbook. Next, Kingsley pioneered the new discipline called contract analysis. He is a founder of KMStandards and has developed software capable of automatically analyzing legal agreements and creating contract standards. Using this software, Kingsley has developed the free web resource ContractStandards.com providing model contracts, checklists, and clauses, together with other contract resources. Kingsley is also a founder of Akorda.com a startup applying AI to contract review.

Kingsley holds law degrees from Oxford University (First Class Honours) and Harvard Law School.

Paul Branch, Chief Operating Officer, IACCM. Technology is changing the role of the Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) professional so that 60% of what we do today will be replaced by machines in the next 5 years. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. As a seasoned CCM professional, I've got practical experience of how to drive systemic change in people, systems, and processes to deliver real business value. That is what gets me excited every day.