Ask the Expert: *ASIA PAC Time Friendly* Visual Contracts...Worth a Look?
26th March 2020 Virtual Event Ask The Expert (ATE) Webinars
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Legal Design has been developing different streams of theory and practice throughout the world, innovating and changing the way lawyers work. Researchers in Western Australia have taken this to a whole new level, creating contracts in comic book form which are read, understood and (so far!) undisputed.

This new format of contracting, which drives behaviour to avoid conflict, and offers pathways to justice for some, is well worth a look. Prof Andersen from UWA Law School will present her most recent projects, including contracts in employment, disability services and banking, and demonstrate some of the data from the impact testing of these brave new contracts. Joining her is Peter Alexander Corner, who has recently turned the concept into a private enterprise. Come along - it may change your perception of what legal design can do to improve legal services.

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  • 10.00 am Beijing / Shanghai / Singapore / Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur / Manilla / Perth 
  • 12:00 pm Brisbane
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Our Experts:

Mr Peter Alexander is a Research Assistant at UWA and the founding manager of Alternative Contracting which consults with industry on the visualization of contracting and other services (see http://www.alternativecontracting.biz). His involvement in the Comic Book Contracting project has allowed him to draw on his experience from various industries, and he holds degrees in History and a Master of Research.  


Dr Camilla Baasch Andersen is Professor of International Commercial Law at the University of Western Australia. She is a Trade Law Expert for UNCITRAL and a member of the core group of the Pro-Active Think Tank. She has written extensively on the CISG, international commerce, pro-active approaches to law and comparative commercial law. She works closely with business, government and academia in pursuit of improving legal solutions, recently on her new project on Comic Book Contracting and the visualisation of law. See http://www.comicbookcontracts.com.

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