IACCM Blended Learning SRM Practitioner Certification, Dubai
4th October 2020 - 6th October 2020 Live Event Partner Events

The IACCM Supplier Relationship Management blended learning course is a pioneering program that equips practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement SRM practices within their organizations. Completion of the program leads to individual SRM Practitioner Certification.

Participants of this blended learning program will learn how to:

  • Prepare convincing SRM business cases
  • Design an effective governance structure
  • Create and implement a communications plan
  • Engage key stakeholders and supplier executives
  • Develop metrics that drive successful behaviors
  • Encourage positive approaches to change
  • Collaborate with strategic partners
  • Devise appropriate contractual arrangements
  • Track and report SRM benefits
  • Resolve conflicts and issues proactively and collaboratively

The blended learning comprises the full Online program with 3 days Revision Workshop and covers the following topics:


• Introduction to SRM

• Defining SRM and its Value

Principles of SRM

• Sourcing Options

• Who are your Suppliers?

• Segmentation Models

• Creating the Agreement

• Understanding the Base Principles for Delivery of your SRM program

Building and Deploying SRM

• Benchmarking

• The Business Case for SRM

• Stakeholder Management

• Implementing your SRM Program

• Communications Management

Managing SRM

• Measuring Success

• Balanced Scorecard

• Governance

• Personal Attributes of a Supplier Relationship Manager

• Culture and Ethics

SRM and Contract Management

• The Supplier view of SRM

• Claims and Disputes

• Contract Change Management

• Exit Strategy

• Summary Module; bringing it all together


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