TASK / Ask the Expert: Considering Work Environments Post-COVID: Remote, Hybrid or Going Back to the Office?
22nd June 2020 Virtual Event Ask The Expert (ATE) Webinars
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COVID forced an unprecedented shift in the global workforce from their offices to remote work environments. IACCM research indicates that as the transition occurred, an overwhelming majority of our members were properly equipped to get their jobs done at home. But the physical set-up was the tip of the iceberg. TASK's focus on Remote Work Environment & Balance now digs deeper to consider the broader issues that impact personal balance and professional commercial success from your home.

On Monday, June 22nd, commercial leaders from across the globe discuss their experiences as their teams moved into remote environments and their plans for the future.  Hear first-hand experiences, lessons learned, insights, best practices that will help shape your decision-making for your work environment in the “new normal”.

  • 8:00 am Seattle
  • 11:00 am New York / Caracas / Santo Domingo
  • 4:00 pm London / Lagos / Lisbon
  • 5:00 pm Paris / Cape Town 
  • 6:00 pm Helsinki / Amman / Moscow / Doha 
  • 8:00 pm Dubai
  • 9:30 pm Mumbai
  • 11:00 pm Perth / Singapore / Beijing

Our Experts:

Rod Wade, VP Contract Management is an executive team member at MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. in San Diego, California reporting to MedImpact’s CFO and is responsible for all corporate contract and negotiation activities for both client and commercial contracting.  Rod leads teams that support both the sales and buy-side contract process, as well as MedImpact’s Procurement and Vendor Relations teams.  Rod’s teams provide support to MedImpact’s Sales, Account, Finance, Legal, Regulatory, Network, International, IT, Health Services, Government Services, M&A and affiliate/subsidiary company teams for all contract and negotiation services.

Prior to joining MedImpact, Rod was Senior Manager, Contracts at American Specialty Health, Inc. in San Diego and prior to that was Senior Contract Consultant/Assistant Secretary for Prudential Insurance Company of America, Prudential Health Care Plan, Inc., and Prudential HealthCare Plan of California, Inc. in Los Angeles, California.  Prior to his career in health care, Rod was Assistant News Editor at the Newhall Signal in Santa Clarita, California and a Staff Writer at the Los Angeles Times in the Glendale, California bureau.

Rod studied Philosophy at UC Berkeley, received his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Cal State University Northridge and his master’s degree in Business Administration from Cal Lutheran University.

Paul Branch, Chief Operating Officer, IACCM. 

Technology is changing the role of the Contract and Commercial Management (CCM) professional so that 60% of what we do today will be replaced by machines in the next 5 years. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. As a seasoned CCM professional, I've got practical experience of how to drive systemic change in people, systems, and processes to deliver real business value. That is what gets me excited every day. 



Dianne Kilkenny, VP, Global Head of Business Development, IACCM.






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