Ask the Expert - Contract Management in Major Capital Projects
16th November 2010 Virtual Event

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Ask the Expert - Contract Management in Major Capital Projects
Tuesday 16 November - 15:00 UTC/GMT, 4PM CET, 10AM ET US, 7AM PT US

The Oil and Gas Industry is investing heavily in capital projects with a view to finding more recoverable reserves. Upstream global investment reached $450bn in 2009, much of this investment was in risky frontier locations. The high-value contracts that underpin this investment differ significantly from contracts that support on-going operations. Join Clare Calhoun, Geoff Lill and Tim Cummins, as they discuss the factors that drive the 'unique'; set of contract management challenges in complex capital projects, and what successful companies are doing.

Clare Colhoun, CEO, 8over8 Ltd.
As 8over8's Chief Executive Officer, Clare Colhoun is responsible for setting the Company's overall strategic direction. Clare has over 20 years of diverse business experience in capital project intensive markets and has driven profitable growth at 8over8 since December 2000. Before joining 8over8, Clare held Executive Positions in Business Development, Strategic Planning and Finance in various Global Blue Chip Businesses. These include Pacific Telesis (first roll-out of cable-television in U.K.), AirTouch (now Vodafone) implementing the first wireless GSM network in Belgium, and ICO-Teledesic (pioneers in global mobile satellite telecommunications). Clare has created successful joint ventures and secured new business in many parts of the globe including Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and North America. Clare holds an MBA from London Business School; is a Chartered Certified Accountant and earned a BA in Finance with Dublin City University. c.colhoun@8over8.com

Geoff Lill
Geoff worked for 37 years with Shell International, a company known for its ability to take on and complete very major sophisticated projects in remote and sometimes hostile locations. In his time at Shell, Geoff developed and supported CP processes in Oman, Brunei, Aberdeen, Nigeria and Holland, finishing by setting the standard of best practice to be adopted by CP in all Shell projects. This involved the codification of processes and models to establish a uniform approach across the business, maintaining contact with major contractors, and providing troubleshooting; CP consultancy to a range of major projects throughout their lifecycles.

While Geoff's background is predominantly oil and gas, experience suggests that the CP approach to major projects is common across all industries, and standards of best practice are uniformly applicable. This is borne out by the Heathrow Terminal 5 project which utilised CP techniques developed in the North Sea, and the considerable consultation that takes place across industries on construction contracting.

Bob Spence, the Director of Customer Services for 8over8
Responsible for the design and implementation of contract management software and process solutions, Bob has worked with numerous Oil& Gas E&P organizations across the world, from multi-billion dollar joint venture NOC projects to western Supermajors and Tier 1 independents, with the aim of defining and embedding best practice in capital project contract execution. Bob has 20 years of experience in operational process optimization in both manufacturing and services industries; an MBA from London Business School, his main research interests address the impact of successful execution of operational processes on strategic performance and the selection of strategic options based on operational capabilities.