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Network Updates

IACCM Member Meeting - Wellington

Inspiring initiatives being driven by the Department of Internal Affairs on how to catch the attention of senior leaders - what information to capture and how to do so to demonstrate the value proposition of the commercial function in a rapidly evolving environment. With a focus on reporting and transparency, better business outcomes have been achieved highlighting the need for a more commercially orientated mindset. Hosted by Katherine Scapolo of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), and joined by Thijs Nicolas - Manager Commercial Services DIA, Russell Burnard - General Manager Operations DIA, panelists including Jeff McDonald - DIA, Janine Emmerson - NZTA, Tod Cooper - NZ Defence Force and by Bruce Everett, Regional CEO APAC, IACCM.


Ask the Expert / MOOC Call 2: So you want to be a Contract 'n' Commercial Star?" and find it to be very informative and useful.

Listening now to Rod Wade's message as part of the MOOC's week 2 activity studies. Including Melissa Kargiannakis', founder and CEO of skritswap, words of wisdom for working in the remote/virtual world we are now in is much needed. "Huge helping of autonomy; dash of accountability; generous helping of flexibility; and a pinch of structure." Each "ingredient" she mentioned is the right measure that will make this new workstyle change we are in to be successful.


Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive - IACCM Member update June 2020

To help IACCM members move forward, this webinar explores resources and information recently released. Topics include: Need to know 1. VIBE Summit 2. Staying on TASK in the New Normal 3. Coaching for the New Normal 4. IACCM Council Elections - Vote Now 5. COVID-19 Support. Member-only offer ends 30 June 6. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer ends 26 June Research 7. Most Negotiated Terms 2020 Resources 8. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues 9. Adaptive Automation and Talent: Is There a Link? Events 10. TASK Webinars 11. Virtual Member Meetings 12. Ask the Expert and other Webinars 13. Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations BONUS 14. Think Global - Act Local


Joint Ventures

Hi Would anyone be happy to have a discussion with me, or give me some pointers on managing a JV where you are both a customer, supplier and a shareholder? It would be good to understand how other companies navigate this tricky relationship and if there is any IACCM best practice I should adhere too? I have different contract managers who are responsible for the customer and supplier side to eliminate any conflict of interest, but the whole governance is so much more complex than a straight commercial arrangement. Therefore, if anyone has any experience or observations they would be happy to share, I would really appreciate your help. Kind Regards Jan


South East Asia: Can The UK Catch Up? by Colin Cram

An interesting article posted in the recent edition of the Procurement Insights EU Edition https://procureinsightseu.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/south-east-asia-can-the-uk-catch-up-by-colin-cram/


UK company employing resourecs in Guam

Hi All I have just started the process of setting up a company in Guam, which is not the easiest thing to do if you are a non-US entity. I have a couple of questions and seek the valued input from this forum: In the short term I will be taking on a couple of sub-contractors to perform IT services in Guam, and once we have set up a presence in Guam they will transfer into the Guam office. a. Any ideas on contacts for a local registered agent that I can use for assisting in setting up the office? b. What type of contract would you suggest for the Guam resources to be used in the short term until the local entity is established.? I have contemplated having them sign our sub-contract agreement, however this is under English law and I'm unsure of tax liabilities for the individuals in Guam. Any advice is appreciated. Kind Regards Mike

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