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The purpose of this Network is to provide its members with a forum to share insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contract, commercial and relationship management. We encourage the sharing of research and knowledge across the academic sector, and hope that collaborations amongst the members will lead to new insights and practices, as well as encourage the field of study to grow. A key goal is to grow the visibility of the study of contracts and commercial management along with roads to increased performance and professionalism.

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Research invitation: Contracting Strategies for Megaprojects - a Global benchmarking Study

As a pioneer in contract management effectiveness, IACCM is leading a global study to identify the successful contract strategies for megaprojects. If you are a legal, contracts, project management or procurement professional, would you be willing to share some insights into the strategies that worked on a recent successful project (one that came in ahead of schedule and under the FID budget)? In return you will receive a copy of the research findings that includes insights other Global2000 companies. This will not be shared publicly and will give you a unique opportunity to benchmark your performance against your peers and with other industries - Oil - Gas and construction firms. Your company data and insights will remain strictly confidential and will not be published. Scores will be reported in aggregate and companies will remain anonymous. If you are willing to participate, please follow the link to the survey: https://www.research.net/r/Contrusctioncommunitysurvey Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ask The Expert: The Benefits of an MBA program in 'International Commercial & Contract Management.'

High-status jobs are supported by high-status qualifications. The growing focus on contract and commercial management is reflected in an increasing number of industry-backed business school programs. Join us for this webinar where our experts will be discussing why programs in CCM are important and the benefit they can bring. Also, they will discuss specifically the launch of the MBA 'International Commercial & Contract Management' program in Dresden International University, Dresden and what benefits students and employers will gain from participation.


Contract & Commercial Management: Key Messages from IACCM Americas 2016

This year's IACCM Americas conference confirmed the speed with which contract and commercial management are transforming as business disciplines and in the value they are providing. Conference sessions were full of ideas, examples and case studies. Here are just a few of the take-aways that we captured during the closing presentation.

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