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The goal of the Engineering and Construction Network is to provide its members with an opportunity to become agents of positive change, innovation and evolution of the industry, promoting best practice in the fields of contract, commercial and relationship management.

This Network will provide opportunities and platforms for members to share ideas, discus challenges and explore new directions. It will initiate research, engage experts, innovators and exceptional professionals to share knowledge and experience related to key topics important to members working in this sector.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.

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Network Updates

Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive - IACCM Member update June 2020

To help IACCM members move forward, this webinar explores resources and information recently released. Topics include: Need to know 1. VIBE Summit 2. Staying on TASK in the New Normal 3. Coaching for the New Normal 4. IACCM Council Elections - Vote Now 5. COVID-19 Support. Member-only offer ends 30 June 6. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer ends 26 June Research 7. Most Negotiated Terms 2020 Resources 8. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues 9. Adaptive Automation and Talent: Is There a Link? Events 10. TASK Webinars 11. Virtual Member Meetings 12. Ask the Expert and other Webinars 13. Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations BONUS 14. Think Global - Act Local


Voting for the IACCM Council is now OPEN!

Take this opportunity to influence the future of IACCM and play your part in the mission to achieve world-class standards in contracting and relationship management processes and skills. The IACCM Global Council will be formed of approximately 150 IACCM Members each representing either a specific country, region or IACCM community network. Vote NOW for your preferred candidates and influence the ambassadors in this body of professionals.


Resource Planning Tool for Contracts Teams

Currently reviewing the different techniques of developing a contracts team resourcing plan that caters for number of contracts, the complexity of contracts, budget allocation per position. Looking to utilise an automated tool if possible. If anyone has any examples would appreciate heads up. Thank you.


Non-responsive Contractor

Few sub-contractors of an earlier project were due certain certified amounts as part of their Final Bills. However, the payments were not released due to non-submission of statutory compliance documents. It so happens that a few of these sub-contractors are now either not reachable / traceable and are not responding to any letters / emails etc. In such a context, how does the company remove the liability of payment due to non-response by the sub-contractor?


Warranty & Discontinuation of Product

Hi everybody, Now we have a situation here in terms of warranty and product discontinuation : A large facility was being constructed which required ~1500 architecturally exposed fixtures of a particular style/model. A Purchase Order was drawn up with terms of Warranty of 10 years. This was in 2014. Cut to 2019, replacement of 9 fixtures are required (5# attributable under warranty provisions + 4# misused by the Purchaser) and it is now learnt that the fixtures itself is discontinued from the product line since 2017. It is not possible to install 9 fixtures of a different model / look as these are architecturally exposed fixtures / products. The Supplier has politely declined to answer the conflict of giving a 10 year warranty ending 2024 and discontinuing the product in 2017. Q1: Advise on possible ways such a situation has been contractually dealt with. Q2: How can one estimate the damages towards default by the Supplier in committing to its obligations under the Warranty Period, since the product has been discontinued? Thanks in Advance


Arbitrator services in Canada

hi Friends, has anyone used the services of Arbitrator for construction project. I would like to have some idea on cost and duration of the process, for a medium complex scenario and claims within CAD 10 Million

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