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Listening to and discussing with a variety of your peers from different industries, countries and backgrounds, has turned out to be a highly effective way for orientation in the early phase a major business transformation/change.


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Performance Based Contracting - An introduction

To help time poor readers a quick and simple way of getting to know Performance Based Contracting I have created a series of videos and podcasts starting with a 35-minute introduction to Performance Based Contracting. After this, every 2 months I will create another Podcast looking in more depth at a particularly interesting topics within the field of Performance Based Contracting.


How to show value of contract scoring

Our contracting team has developed a scoring model to rate the overall compliance of a potential contract with standard contract language guidelines provided by our legal department. By scoring a contract before and after negotiations, we can show the improvements our professional negotiators have achieved in the contract. What I am looking for is a way to show the monetary value of those improvements. Can anyone recommend any ideas on this subject?


Malbek Webinar - Reimagining Contract Data at the Heart of the Enterprise

Many organizations struggle with limited or outdated contracting solutions while trying to keep up with an ever-changing business environment. TIBCO Software, a global provider of data solutions, needed a change that could evolve with their growing and demanding business. They understood that contract data sits at the heart of the enterprise and a CLM tool needs to be a central platform that integrates well with other solutions throughout the company. Their goal was to bring contract data to life, to be able to analyze risk, identify favorable terms, and expedite contracting cycles. Even with employees working from home and spread across the globe, TIBCO was able to effectively and remotely deploy a new solution in record time.


IT outsourcing - Statement of Work

I am looking for material/checklist/suggested language/important points, that I can use to draft and review statement of work-IT outsourcing.


Starting a contract DURING a Force Majeure Event

If I am letting a new contract with a vendor and FM is currently in effect how can we guard against either party claiming FM and suspending performance at any time? Most agree that Coronavirus is a Force Majeure Event. In my contracts "Pandemic" is listed. I don't want to exclude pandemic as a cause because what if half of my healthy colleagues go sick, or my vendor who is today, due to the pandemic, working at 50% decides to work at 30% and I'm in the 20% of their capacity (these are just examples, not specific risks I have identified).


Contract Management Systems recently implemented in Melbourne, Australia

Keen to touch base with any other Contract Managers who have recently selected / implemented a contract management system in Melbourne. At my workplace, one of the challenges has been convincing the executive about the value of a CMS and justifying the costs associated with implementing and running this. How did you go about explaining and justifying the value proposition in your business case? Are there any good, local suppliers that we should talk to about their CMS. We are currently considering Open Windows and PORTT, and currently use Zycus for our sourcing - so any feedback on these would be welcome to. I don't mind Nimblex either but corporate are not keen on it. At a recent IAACM member event, Gate Keeper was also mentioned. Suggestions welcome! Thanks. Mark

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