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The purpose of the network is to facilitate a holistic and effective exchange about

Listening to and discussing with a variety of your peers from different industries, countries and backgrounds, has turned out to be a highly effective way for orientation in the early phase a major business transformation/change.


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Case Study: transforming the delivery of contracts with a transaction service center - IACCM Americas Conference

This case study will examine Pearson's journey in transforming its legal department's approach to delivery of transactional work from what was once a decentralized, high-touch concierge model into a highly-efficient, high-performance Transaction Service Center. Attendees will hear the story of why and how the Pearson legal department undertook such a change and how it now supports and executes contract work. Discussion will cover key components of the required tools and resources; the critical role of executive sponsorship and change management; performance management dashboards and SLAs; and the resulting benefits which include cost savings, efficiency, reduced risk, use of data for better decision-making and improved business customer support. Moderator: Joy Saphla, President, Morae Legal Robert Mignanelli, SVP/Associate General Counsel, Pearson Cole Morgan, VP of Operations, Onit


The CLM Program with Conga: where should you begin?? - IACCM Americas Conference 2019

We will be discussing Contract Lifecycle Management best practices and processes with a focus on eliminating common contract management pain points for enterprise legal departments and business units. Come hear from subject matter experts on applying a program methodology as it relates to Conga's enterprise CLM solution. Lauryn Haake, Managing Director, CLM, HBR Consulting Moderated by: Grant Ramsey, Enterprise CLM Director, Conga


Benchmarking: what can we learn from the most recent IACCM study? IACCM Americas Conference 2019

As pressure grows to improve performance, functional leaders increasingly need reliable data. This session will provide results from IACCM's 2018 global study and the opportunity to discuss emerging practices in what we should be measuring and comparing - for example, indicators of efficiency versus effectiveness; different organizational models; cost and revenue impacts


What are the corrective actions should be taken by a Contract Manager to stop revenue leakage?

Please let me know what are the potential sources of revenue leakage (especially for IT Industry) and what are the best practices we should implement as a Contract Manager to stop the revenue leakage.


How can we do the cost optimization using effective contract management especially for IT Industry?

Can someone please let me know what are the key aspects/levers should we consider in any Contracts (preferably IT Outsourcing Contracts) post signature to optimize the cost of operation? It would be really very helpful if you can share a few case studies where cost has been optimized through effective contract management and how was it achieved.


Thought Leadership Webinar: Transforming Contract Management: A New Approach to Generate Improved Results

While post-award contract management has gained in status over recent years, it continues to struggle to gain the levels of recognition and investment that it deserves. A study undertaken for IACCM's Research Forum has identified opportunities and methods to generate far better results. The study found that organizations can take immediate steps to reduce value erosion and benefit from incremental revenues or cost savings by applying greater discipline in their segmentation of contract relationships. In this webinar, the lead researchers will discuss their findings and implications for 'world class' contract management.

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