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Listening to and discussing with a variety of your peers from different industries, countries and backgrounds, has turned out to be a highly effective way for orientation in the early phase a major business transformation/change.


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Operational Compliance for Atlanta City

Can anyone share a checklist of compliance requirements for an IT or BPO company situated in Atlanta, GA? Also can anyone guide which Federal laws, State laws and county laws are applicable for FMG and Operations related processes?


Ultria Webinar - AI-led Contract Analytics - Identify, Manage and Mitigate Risks

More and more organizations concur with the visible benefits of deep risk management and AI-led contracts analytics after a contract is executed, with revenue resiliency and cost savings being principal organizational objectives in the near future. Join this webinar on the shift to advanced contract analytics, and what it means for different business functions. You will learn: - How insights captured by-led contract analytics can benefit teams across the organization, in taking better-informed decisions - In what ways will Contract Analytics & AI play a key role in realizing value, post-contract execution - Different use cases for post-execution Analytics and Reporting focused on Risk, Performance and Compliance management - AI-led Contract Analytics & impact on business objectives


Contract Management Systems recently implemented in Melbourne, Australia

Keen to touch base with any other Contract Managers who have recently selected / implemented a contract management system in Melbourne. At my workplace, one of the challenges has been convincing the executive about the value of a CMS and justifying the costs associated with implementing and running this. How did you go about explaining and justifying the value proposition in your business case? Are there any good, local suppliers that we should talk to about their CMS. We are currently considering Open Windows and PORTT, and currently use Zycus for our sourcing - so any feedback on these would be welcome to. I don't mind Nimblex either but corporate are not keen on it. At a recent IAACM member event, Gate Keeper was also mentioned. Suggestions welcome! Thanks. Mark

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