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The purpose of the network is to facilitate a holistic and effective exchange about

Listening to and discussing with a variety of your peers from different industries, countries and backgrounds, has turned out to be a highly effective way for orientation in the early phase a major business transformation/change.


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Webinar - Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) 2020 and Beyond

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) today is an essential part of the procurement technology and digital transformation strategy for most organizations. While the past was about making incremental gains through rudimentary CLM, enterprises are increasingly realizing the potential of CLM in its broader context as a business transformation strategy. With rapid technological advancements and significant shifts in the enterprise eco-system, CLM is ready to be one of the foundational technologies for the modern enterprise.


Ask the Expert: Contract & Commercial Management: Picking tools and changing organizations - A beginner's guide

In this Webinar, our experts will discuss some tips and traps around picking CLM and other tools and then some best practices (as well as common pitfalls) around implementation, change management and realities of change.


IACCM 2019 Benchmark Report

More than 750 organizations participated in IACCM's latest study, which covers all the critical areas of organizational design and performance. Reporting lines, performance measures, role and responsibilities, headcount, sources of learning - these and more are covered with extensive data, analysis, and IACCM observations and commentary. When reviewing the findings, please remember that in many cases they may reflect an average. Where necessary, you may wish to contact us to obtain more precise data applicable to your industry or size of organization. Equally, you may wish to contact us about undertaking a process capability assessment and workshop to assist your improvement journey.

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