Contract Performance Management

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RICS School of Built Environment, Ami...
2017-12-13 21:27:48

What are the various methods of performance measurement of a construction project?

A list of method will be sufficient for now.
 •  Adhock media  •   2018-01-15 08:43:38
The best way to go is using a software tool to track the works. You can use this free web based project management tool at fluxes.com
 •  Schneider Electric  •   2018-01-19 03:51:09
In my expereince , KPI can be .

1. Safety eg Lost Time Injury Verse quantum of Hours worked per month [Safety]

2. Number of NCR raised [Quality]

3. As a rough guide for financial /cash flow, i have reviewed supplier payment requests and the % claimed against each element Verses assessment from site of % of works complete [Financial/Cashflow]

I also have assessed using software like Microsoft Project using % work complete V % complete each task for [Duration]
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