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Contract Drafting Simplification and Visualization

The purpose of this Network is to provide its members with insights into new trends and innovations related to the way that contracts are constructed and drafted and particularly in the area of simplification and visualization of contractual documentation.  

The objectives will be met by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics related to these topics.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.


To inspire a growing Network involved in the construction and drafting of contracts to adopt new techniques and promote the creation of clear and easy to use contracts.



Network Updates

Ask The Expert: Leveraging AI and Standards to Increase Deal Velocity

Ask anyone deeply involved in negotiating deals and you'll likely hear that much of the time spent negotiating terms and contract language does not add value. Can leveraging Artificial Intelegence (AU) and Standards increase deal velocity and value?


Icertis Webinar - Digitization of Contracts in the Legal Space

Digital transformation is a necessity for businesses today, and contracts play an integral role in this process. Contracting is a truly horizontal activity, touching all facets of a business: Procurement, sales, finance, operations, and especially legal. Due to its cross-departmental nature, digitally transforming contracting can enact truly impactful change across an organization.


Applying Visual Enhancements to Contracting

I am thrilled to learn that there are organizations that are implementing this more user friendly and effective method of contracting. I have been seeing Statements of Work designed in this matter, however I have yet to see this implemented in the body of the underlying or master agreement. I am hopeful that this will become more of practice in the near future. To easily identify the key areas of an agreement is extremely important and I do believe that outcomes would be better and disputes minimized. I only wish my organization would adopt this more engaging approach toward contracting. It is always a struggle when the legal team is both judge and jury in contract content and design. It would be one thing if we were contracting solely with lawyers, but we are not. Vendors, clinicians and laymen should all be afforded every opportunity to thoroughly understand their obligations and protections and should not have to blindly sign on the line.


Brunswick Short Forms

Hello Everyone! I amt he Contracts Development Manager at the University of Hull. We are in the process of distributing some funding which we have to various projects internally. We have a HFCE annual recurrent grant for 2017-18. This has a GCRF element and we are making awards through this for fairly small amounts. The money is being used to purchase services such as hiring event venues, conduction of surveys, questionnaires, this sort of thing. They are all based in developing countries and we have been conducting due diligence exercises. The projects are also subject to a selection process. I feel that the Brunswick Short Form is ideal for use in these circumstances. Does anyone have an alternative view on this? This will be the first time that I have used the Brunswick Short Forms at my institutin and I am trying to anticpate any potential problems before they happen.


Building Effective Contract Management Capability for SMEs

On Wednesday, 7 March, Noel Green and I presented to the Swiss regional meeting in Zurich on the topic "Building Effective Contract Management Capability for SMEs". Our focus was on how SMEs can: - buy in expertise - build expertise - apply technology to improve their contract management performance. The slides from our presentation will soon be added to the IACCM library. While doing research for my part of our presentation, I should have asked in this forum how SMEs and startups that you represent address contract management within your organisations. I'd love to have you post your input here, or discuss with you face to face if you are in Switzerland or will be attending the EU Conference in Krakow.


Use of Multimedia for Commercial contracts

Hi, I need your advise on how to use Multimedia for Contracts drafting to give clarity and simplification however how does it work with compliance in view of legal aspects. Can you share how companies have used this media for commercial contracts?


Deltaview - Document comparison software

Hi I was wondering if anyone had experience of using Deltaview (it's a software that compares and tracks changes in contracts). I used it over 6 years ago and found it very useful. I am in a new position now and would like have a trial of it. I was wondering if the same software still exists. Also what the cost was. I have tried to look for information on the internet but have not been really successful. Maybe the name has changed. His anyone using it? I would love their feedback. Pam


SOW drafting training

I am looking for materials that I can use to help our team draft better SOW's: templates; courses; presentations? Thanks


IACCM Contract Design Award program

I'm looking for guidance about how to revise/rework contract templates to meet the criteria for the IACCM Contract Design Award. Does anyone have experience with this? The Research & Advisory Services document describes the criteria in general terms only: IACCM's team of experts evaluates your contract template based upon the following five major areas: 1. Language Criteria: How understandable are the words in your contract? 2. Design Criteria: What is the visual impact of your document, as its design influences usability? 3. Relationship Criteria: How far does your document go to establish a relationship with its users? 4. Content Criteria: What is your content and does its organization deliver your document's purpose? 5. Balance: Do the terms of your contract generate a sense of collaboration and trust?

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