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2020-09-09 08:01:12

Training and Books on Contract Drafting


Please i need assistance with recommended books on Contract drafting, also would appreciate information on training/training organisations accredited by IACCM.


 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-09-09 08:48:57
Dear Fubara, thank you for your message.

You may wish to look at the work of Ken Adams on Contract Drafting. www.adamsdrafting.com. Tiffany Kemp also has a book and a course on contract drafting tiffanykemp.com/product/essential-contract-drafting-skills-paper-copy/.

We would also recommend you looking at IACCM's own work on contract design and simplification www.iaccm.com/services/contract-design-and-simplification/

For a list of training organisations that we accredit - you can see them on our website here www.iaccm.com/training/onsite-training/

Many thanks, Sally
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