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2017-05-30 09:15:15

Contracts dealing with Robotics Process Automation

As customers move to using robotics to replace functions previously performed by people, I'm interested to see if anyone can share any learnings in this area. Are there any 'gotchas' to look out for when negotiating contracts involving Robotics Process Automation ?
 •  Datalex  •   2017-05-30 10:16:15
Its fairly standard, I was in automation and robotics for many years (semiconductor) industry. One main thing is that you need to be aware that there should be a percentage of spares set aside but tie these into the contract. Also backup in terms of engineers etc being on call to react to too downs, this too should be negotiate into the contract.
 •  IACCM  •   2017-05-30 13:23:28
Rosanna - IACCM hosted a highly rated Ask The Expert webinar on RPA. You can easily find the recording in the IACCM Library. It was titled "Gauging the Impact of Robots" and was led by Chris Pattacini, the Managing Director at Alsbridge. I recommend that you listen to the recording.

In terms of 'gotchas', the same cautions taken with any software and emerging technologies would apply here. A few examples include:

- ensure there is ease of integration with your existing enterprise systems
- ensure that the offering actually matches your needs and wants, which will require that you internally define these up front
- fully understand the what ancillary services, including training, are needed to make any solution work
- fully understand how much customized and bespoke programming would be required
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