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Leadership skills are fundamental to the status and contribution of the contracts and commercial management community. Executive management increasingly seeks individuals with the skills needed to propose and lead change initiatives and create commercial innovation.


The mission of this Network is to define the evolving meaning and purpose of leadership in the context of contract and commercial management and to assist members of the community in developing their personal leadership skills. It will achieve these goals through research, mentoring, network activities in the form of webinars, round tables, conference executive forums and training programs. 

Network Updates

Changing the Conversations That Kill Your Culture

In the early 2000s, Transpacific Industries (TPI) was on a roll. Its founder, Terry Peabody, had built it from a small coal ash recycling company into the largest Australian waste management enterprise, making about 50 debt-fueled acquisitions along the way, and had become a billionaire in the process. Nicknamed the 'Golden Garbo,' he was a press-shy business leader known for his company's rapid growth and for his idiosyncratic strategies. TPI's expansion culminated in 2007 with the purchase of a waste management business called Cleanaway for A$1.25 billion (about US$1.1 billion) - an extraordinary amount for that industry in that region.


IWD - Changing the Agenda?

There is no doubt that we still have significant work to do around the world to establish unquestioned gender equality. It remains a continued frustration that we are still having to 'fight' for a voice, for respect, for automatic access to opportunity. Figures show that globally, women's education, health and violence towards women remains worse than that of men. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, it could take another 100 years before that global equality gap disappears entirely. It's shocking.


IACCM Thought Leadership Webinar: IACCM's Annual Report

Following on from the IACCM Annual Board and Strategy Meeting held at the end of January in London, we invite all Members to a webinar in which Sally Hughes, CEO and Tim Cummins, President, together with representatives from our 2019 Board of Directors will deliver an annual report to the Membership. Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions.


5 Steps to Build Commercial Expertise

There's a lot of conversation about building commercial competence within organizations. Sometimes it is referred to as 'business acumen'. The reason it is so important is that decisions need to be made faster, but they must take account of risks. So there is growing investment in programs that help the workforce operate with better judgment.


Ask The Expert: Excite The World With Innovation & Excellence

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization.  We know from history that refusing to evolve with the market can have devastating consequences, just think of Blockbuster, Kodak and Xerox.


Contracts Dept or Team Branding Project

Hello, Our contracts department has been tasked with a team branding project. At a basic level, this entails identifying who we are as an organization, what we do, the value we bring and thereafter communicating and advertising this message throughout the company. This type of marketing endeavor is truly out of my wheelhouse, so I'm in search for ideas and guidance on how to move this project forward. Has any member dealt with this type of project? Can you share your experiences and how you went about doing this? I searched within the IACCM site on this topic and came up with a few materials that were marginally helpful. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of some material on this site that I may have overlooked or if there is someone from IACCM that may know something about this topic. Many many thanks in advance.


Further education UK

Does anybody know or have any experience of whether there are any opportunities in the UK to progress qualification beyond advanced practitioner level. I've read forum posts which suggest advanced practitioner is equivalent to MBA level but cant find any info online about converting or using it as entry to a full degree or other post-grad qualification Thanks


Effeciency of undefining the approach to complete task

"Conversely, leaders should help team members understand the project's importance and ultimate objective but leave the exact approach to the discretion of the team." This is really interesting and whilst I agree this a great way to encourage collaboration and a team approach, often internal, differing view points as to what the approach is can cause inefficiency in getting the job done on time. I think what needs to be qualified by this statement is that the creativity as to how the approach is taken should be left to team members but clarity regarding role AND timeframes need to be set and agreed upon by all team members and leaders at the outset. This will ensure productivity, higher collaboration and efficiency.


Testing commercial acumen

Hi - I am interested in testing a group of individuals around their commercial acumen and I am specifically looking to set a scenario with some information to then ask questions for the individuals to present their analysis and answers. Has anyone undertaken such an exercise that they would be happy to share their thoughts on this as to how they framed the scenario and questions?


CCM resource assignment criteria for projects

I would like to understand the criteria used in other companies for the assigment of a CCM resource to support the account/project as a dedicated resource, since some less complex contracts can use leverage resources.


Performance of Contract Management

I'm curious to get inputs about the performance assessment of contract management. While other roles have defined metrics (for instance, procurement roles can be measured by savings, number of contracts and other achievements), I find it difficult to measure the performance of contract managers. Contract Managers get involved tasks in several areas, such as governance, negotiation, change process, deliverables and obligations' tracking, exit management, and many more, I'm not being able to define consistent metrics to measure performance (notice that I'm not talking about performance of a supplier or a contract, but of a contract manager). Any inputs? How contract managers are evaluated in your corporation?


Under-resourced Contracts Team - What are your main challenges?

For many years I have worked with small enterprises that have a lean contracts and legal team, mostly driven by financial constraints. The workload peaks after a major industry trade fair, when the sales team pursues a fresh crop of opportunities and the team receives everything from NDAs to supply and reseller agreements to review and negotiate. It can be difficult to get a true view of priorities, as every requestor wants his/her request to be completed as soon as possible in order to meet scheduled meetings, offer submissions, etc. Every time this happens, discussion in the team turns to how we can deal with peakiness better next time, but we never seem to find a satisfactory solution. This seems to be our number one challenge, as in most other situations our small footprint and lightweight processes allow us to be very responsive to the needs of our internal customers. I'm wondering what others working in small teams find to be your main challenges, and how do you deal with them?


Contracts team size

I wondered what size of contracts teams other companies on IACCM have please? What is the approximate ratio or % contracts management personnel to other types of employees? What size of company is it to put it in context? Ideally I would love to hear specifically with company names as I don't think it discloses anything confidential and it would help with context. In any event I would be grateful for any feedback/ input whatsoever to try and get a gist of what other people have. I realise that ideal size of team depends on the types of contracts, specific remit, whether you are generally supplier or customer, etc but it would be interesting to know anyway. Many thanks all!


Contract Management Reporting Structure & Relationship to Legal

Does anyone have any material/studies that speak to how Contract Management (CM) organizations are structured with respect to reporting structure? I'm particularly interested in points of view as to whether the CM organization should report into Legal or another operational unit within the enterprise and what are the advantages or disadvantages into where the CM organization aligns. Thank you


Education on Contract Management - Is it necessary for the sucess of the contract?

Dear colleagues, I've read an article in a magazine about stakeholders management (education, motivation, behavior and emotional) and I got thinking about the impact of lack of knowledge to manage contract management. My questions are: 1 - Can an organisation that doesn't have an education culture on contract management reach their results? 2 - What's the benefits to training people on contract management? Nice weekend for all, Gustavo Procópio - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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