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Leadership skills are fundamental to the status and contribution of the contracts and commercial management community. Executive management increasingly seeks individuals with the skills needed to propose and lead change initiatives and create commercial innovation.


The mission of this Network is to define the evolving meaning and purpose of leadership in the context of contract and commercial management and to assist members of the community in developing their personal leadership skills. It will achieve these goals through research, mentoring, network activities in the form of webinars, round tables, conference executive forums and training programs. 

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How Not to Negotiate a $6.1 Billion Deal

The Xerox-Fujifilm formula: 1. Tell CEO he's fired. 2. Have him arrange sale of company. 3. Hope Carl Icahn doesn't find out.


Belarus: an indictment of power

So many recent events have made us aware of the use and abuse of power. Many times, this is so embedded that we accept it as normal. In so doing, we perpetuate inequality and stifle opportunity.


What I wished I could do during COVID19 lockdown

With some awesome discussion underway from Neal, Mark and the Global CEO of IACCM, Sally, I thought I'd continue this theme a little. Just a quick one that hopefully might generate ideas or solutions that could benefit ourselves, our teams or IACCM members. So my request is that you complete the following sentence : What I wish that I could do, or could have done during the lockdown is....... Never ask a question without knowing the answer they say. So my answer is simple. Yesterday, one of my team, who is also a volunteer firefighter, took the initiative to put on his gear and offer himself up to a group of local kids for a video conference. It allowed a group of kids, currently on holiday, some time to learn. It also allowed a bunch of parents working from home, a short break from dual duties of working and supervising kids. I think that was a great idea, and something that I wish I could have done during lockdown. Just a proud Dad moment, because he wasn't asked to, and just took the initiative himself. I have pondered whether or not to offer a discussion on accountancy myself, but I'd imagine it would only cause children to sleep. And sadly I only have a limited ability to make balloon animals, and no balloons.... Over to you group.


Defining roles for a team - a personal account.

Reflecting on this article, I agree that it's important to set boundaries for the team as outlined, but it also depends on the skill level and experience of the members of the team. For junior or less experienced, you need to set out the outcomes and provide boundaries. For those more skilled, the outcomes need to be defined, but the boundaries less so. It is however, very important that when the team works across boundaries or cross-cultural teams, setting the expectations for collaboration and approach is essential - this requires effective leadership. A helpful read.


Retain talent or seek talent

In my company we have carried out an analysis about the people who work in our supply chain a year ago. Getting good buyers is easier than getting good service contractors. The first is very similar to a commodity, the second is more complicated and requires formal knowledge, experience and good attitude. We have found that operational personnel that require the services (planners and supervisors) can begin to work as contract administrators performing a good function, that is, within our company we find the resource and talent we need


Lawyers stubbornness to adapt

I must confess, whilst reading the article and especially where it address the shortcomings of lawyers, that I fall in that category. We are to "safe" and cautious, we stick to what we know and our processes which may result in us falling behind when it comes to the general progression, of not only our industry, but also the world of technology and business as a whole. I need to be more adaptable and open to change and progression.


Is transformation the theme of 2020?

In addition to my post from last week here on the forum (See https://www.iaccm.com/network/contract-management-forum/?post=1656&cb=1579686044) I see many people that responded, saying that transformation is a challenge for them. Transformation to the cloud or transformation to ecosystems. (see https://www.petersimoons.com/2020/01/is-transformation-the-theme-of-2020/ for the full article). In the market I see also a transformation from procurement to collaborative supplier relationships. A form of strategic partnerships with suppliers where almost all elements of strategic alliances, that have already been documented and research over the past decades, can be applied. In our Masterclass we already have seen procurement executives attend to learn more about the do's and don'ts of strategic alliances and partnership. What is your experience with the transformation to collaborative supplier relationships and what is the most challenging part of that transformation: people behavior or organizational procedures?


Building Out the Procurement Function

Does anyone have advice or best practices for building out basic procurement operations? I am currently running a task force with finance, accounting, and legal to create processes, policies, and procedures for vendor transactions and contract processing. Anything from sample documents to useful technology would be great!


Pros and Cons about where Contract Management fits in an organization (e.g., Legal? Procurement? Finance? the Business?)

Hi everyone. I am looking for some thoughts / collateral concerning where does the Contract management group best fit in a firm? I know of one company where it is in Legal and they are considering moving to within Procurement (which is in Finance). any thoughts or experiences? thanks.

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