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Leadership skills are fundamental to the status and contribution of the contracts and commercial management community. Executive management increasingly seeks individuals with the skills needed to propose and lead change initiatives and create commercial innovation.


The mission of this Network is to define the evolving meaning and purpose of leadership in the context of contract and commercial management and to assist members of the community in developing their personal leadership skills. It will achieve these goals through research, mentoring, network activities in the form of webinars, round tables, conference executive forums and training programs. 

Network Updates

Are you doing what your CEO needs?

Disruption. Apparently that is the number one issue facing CEOs. But what does it mean - both for them and for you?


Honesty in Contracting

Conventional wisdom is that Sales and Marketing should extol the benefits of a product or service and avoid mention of any possible drawbacks or negatives. Those aspects are covered by the contract, typically in the form of limitations with regard to performance or use, but also in terms of potential recourse. In other words, we all know that sales people and marketing materials tell only part of the story and the contract often conveys a very different message.


Is transformation the theme of 2020?

In addition to my post from last week here on the forum (See https://www.iaccm.com/network/contract-management-forum/?post=1656&cb=1579686044) I see many people that responded, saying that transformation is a challenge for them. Transformation to the cloud or transformation to ecosystems. (see https://www.petersimoons.com/2020/01/is-transformation-the-theme-of-2020/ for the full article). In the market I see also a transformation from procurement to collaborative supplier relationships. A form of strategic partnerships with suppliers where almost all elements of strategic alliances, that have already been documented and research over the past decades, can be applied. In our Masterclass we already have seen procurement executives attend to learn more about the do's and don'ts of strategic alliances and partnership. What is your experience with the transformation to collaborative supplier relationships and what is the most challenging part of that transformation: people behavior or organizational procedures?


Challenge: Intro to Commercial for a work experience student

We have a work experience student (likely 16-18 years old) coming to spend a few days in our head office to learn more about being a Company Secretary. As part of his experience, he will also spend time getting an overview of the other functions (Finance, Programme Management etc) including Commercial. We will have about an hour with him and I'm trying to come up with some material to ensure he leaves with a good understanding of what Commercial really is about and how fun it is! I'm working on a short negotiation game/exercise to include as I think this will make it more interactive but wondered if anyone else had any ideas or resources they would be willing to share.


Contracts Dept or Team Branding Project

Hello, Our contracts department has been tasked with a team branding project. At a basic level, this entails identifying who we are as an organization, what we do, the value we bring and thereafter communicating and advertising this message throughout the company. This type of marketing endeavor is truly out of my wheelhouse, so I'm in search for ideas and guidance on how to move this project forward. Has any member dealt with this type of project? Can you share your experiences and how you went about doing this? I searched within the IACCM site on this topic and came up with a few materials that were marginally helpful. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of some material on this site that I may have overlooked or if there is someone from IACCM that may know something about this topic. Many many thanks in advance.


Further education UK

Does anybody know or have any experience of whether there are any opportunities in the UK to progress qualification beyond advanced practitioner level. I've read forum posts which suggest advanced practitioner is equivalent to MBA level but cant find any info online about converting or using it as entry to a full degree or other post-grad qualification Thanks

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