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The purpose of this Network is to provide its members with insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contract, commercial and relationship management. While these will be in the context of the Legal sector, they will draw from knowledge and ideas that are current and relevant in other sectors.  A key goal is to improve the performance of contracts and relationships in the sector.

The objectives will be met by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics in the sector related to contract, commercial and relationship management.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.

Group Mission/Vision:

Provide its members with insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contracting, commercial and relationship management in the sector.

Network Updates

TASK / Ask the Expert: Making Legal Content Remotely: Technology and Storytelling During the Pandemic

This webinar will help contract managers make great multimedia content right from their desks and home offices. We live in an age where content is critical - and contract managers and lawyers have to explain and deal with complex issues all the time! But if you haven't worked in multimedia, where do you start? Fortunately, BrieflyStudios is an expert in creating legal content - and will help in this webinar. At BrieflyStudios, we think legal issues and financial concepts should be accessible to everyone. We merge the skills of lawyers and creative professionals to help lawyers, advocates, and experts like to share their knowledge more broadly and increase their impact. Explaining contract terms, and other legal concepts are challenging in the best of times. This nuts-and-bolts webinar will give you tools to vastly expand your ability to communicate complex concepts during the COVID-19 crisis. We will cover: animation, screencasts, live streams, archival video and audio material, podcasts - and more; practical tips on planning, strategy, and executing projects; and advice on where to find inexpensive equipment, software, and training.


Moving Forward - key resources to survive and thrive - IACCM Member update June 2020

To help IACCM members move forward, this webinar explores resources and information recently released. Topics include: Need to know 1. VIBE Summit 2. Staying on TASK in the New Normal 3. Coaching for the New Normal 4. IACCM Council Elections - Vote Now 5. COVID-19 Support. Member-only offer ends 30 June 6. Managing Contracts Virtually - offer ends 26 June Research 7. Most Negotiated Terms 2020 Resources 8. Contracting Excellence Ideas and Issues 9. Adaptive Automation and Talent: Is There a Link? Events 10. TASK Webinars 11. Virtual Member Meetings 12. Ask the Expert and other Webinars 13. Body Language in Live and Online Negotiations BONUS 14. Think Global - Act Local


New contract in covid in technology market place

Since Covid is now a known event and we cannot rely on FM clause.What language or wording should we use in technology contracts and SOW's to cover the risk from service provider's point of view.

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