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What are the issues that SMEs/Start-ups are facing in 2018?

Some businesses have already started their new financial year; others will start on 1 January. What are some of the contracting issues that your start-up or small business is facing in this new year? Where their customers are part of a larger group, my clients are seeing pressure exerted by the group to establish more stringent acceptance procedures for software solutions and for the vendor to accept more liability in fixed-price projects. What are the trends in conditions are you seeing from your customers if you are a vendor, and what changes are you planning to implement with your vendors if you are on the buy side?


How to handle dominating client who works unilaterally ?

Is there any case study from my fellow members who applied some approach to handled a dictating client ? I am handling a client who always dominate contract and rule unilaterally. We have been trying to work with best co-operation but still relationship is not strong.


Contract Management when the Business says "no thanks".

I work for a large company, and manage the operation of a contract across a group of large projects. We are under a regulated customer, and day to day activities are around change, sign off, EVM and the like. I've been in this role for 3 months, and am struggling to get any information and involvement from the business area I manage. Historically, Commercial interfaces have been hands-off. At director level I have been told that I don't "need to know" the day-to-day running of the business. I've found inaccuracies in their contract documentation, and processes are not being followed, but for every step forward I take, the doors are closed in my face. I've had 121 meetings with the involved parties, attended group meetings without being invited, held training sesssions and bought free coffees until I'm just so tired of trying. Does anyone have any advice? TIA

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