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strategic sourcing

We are newly introducing strategic sourcing into our structure. Can u share with us your experience of that.



What has been the most valuable tool in SRM from experience? Has anyone ever used State of Flux? Have they been fit for purpose? What has been the best and most consistent way to measure risk across different categories? What has good SRM allowed either yourself or team to achieve?


COVID19 Response - how are teams coping

Hi everyone. So I'm sure that most if not all members will have been impacted in some way. I just thought maybe it's a time to kick off a bit of a discussion about the good and bad experiences. How about perhaps I start with this one : The good experience is the response by my teams. Experience has taught me that if you get good people and allow them to use their skills and talents, then you get some pretty awesome results at times like these, where people go above and beyond your expectations of performance. The bad, well it's also tied to the above. I think that as managers and leaders, we have to watch out that people might burn themselves out. The response to this horrible situation around the world will not be over quickly, and might come about again. And as easy as it might be, we can't keep relying on people being able to once again respond in the same manner. There. Kicked off. Would welcome anyone else wanting to share their learnings and experiences to benefit the wider IACCM community.

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