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T2 Systems Canada Inc.
2018-06-04 19:28:18

Where is the best place to insert Milestone Payment Terms in a Master Contract with SOW and a Quote

We are updating our Master Agreement template and a question came up internally asking where the best place to insert our Milestone Payment terms. Should it be in the ...
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Nokia Networks
2016-12-30 18:39:49

Contract lifecycle tools for small range contracts

Hi all, I do not find info about contract Mgt tools for smaller contracts. I only find tools like SirionLabs or SciQuest, which seem to be designed for large agreement...
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British Telecom
2016-11-02 09:17:51

system to manage contracts

I would be really interested to know what systems companies are using to help them manage their contracts from a document management, risk register and obligations man...
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