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The purpose of the Aerospace and Defense Network is to provide its members with insights to new trends and emerging practices in the fields of contract, commercial and relationship management. While these will be in the context of the aerospace and defense sector, they will draw from knowledge and ideas that are current and relevant in other sectors and those related to the industry (e.g. government). A key goal is to improve the performance of contracts and relationships.

The objectives will be met by sharing ideas, discussing challenges, exploring new directions and, where appropriate, initiating research or inviting experts to present on key topics related to contract, commercial and relationship management.

Meetings will be virtual (by phone or webinar) unless in specific cases there is an agreed wish to have physical meetings or workshops to develop specific initiatives.


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Network Updates

The end of Procurement

COVID-19 is prompting numerous changes in society, the economy, and commercial relationships. Many are changes that would have occurred anyway, but the pandemic is generating a new sense of urgency. Examples range from the massive debates over racism and equality, to a rethink of economic management, the discussions over working from home and the need for increased collaboration in trading relationships.


Working from home - will we ever go back?

No one wants to go back! Well, that is a slight exaggeration. A recent IACCM poll reveals that 1% of respondents hope for a future where they work exclusively from an office and 12% would prefer 'mainly office'. But that compares with 63% who want to work mainly or entirely from home and 24% who would like a 50/50 balance.


Call for Help for Contract Innovation in the Defence and AeroSpace Industry for the DASI

Dear All, first of all I hope you are all doing good considering the challenging times. Airbus as most large corparations has initiated and started an internal innovation challenge. I am right now preparing a pitch for this innovation campaign coming from the Commercial&Contract department. As I really would also like to present some first reactions on my idea from eg. Customers as well as Suppliers of ours and also other companies with focus on DASI, it would be great if you could spent 5 minutes and answer the enclosed questionnaire with 6 questions :-) Google survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrH9ViL96HuEqMpwWLdRTgUjgFXiL7opy0kX7bvyRHnI9u0g/viewform?usp=sf_link The Idea/pitch is: A contract in 3D based on smart data input using AI, NLP and ML together with data modeling to be used for internal means or also within companies external ecosystem. Time line: Please feed back until May 28th 2020. That would be perfect as I my deadline for the pitch is Friday May 29th 2020) Questions If you have any questions please let me know via the forum or PM me. Sharing If you wish to share that with trusted colleagues that is also very welcome)) Warm regards Ines Curtius


Actions my organization has implemented to lower the costs of a contract

My organization primarily deals with providing our customers with tangible products with the odd service contract we will receive. We have implemented an overall terms and conditions for our tangible products that deals with lower complexity and lower value items. This has helped cut down hours spent on reviewing requirements and has allowed us to continue to provide our subcontractors RFP's in a more timely manner which has enabled us to exceed our KPI targets. If an item is more complex or of higher value the terms and conditions are reviewed to ensure they match the needs of this particular contract. We have implemented this with both our customers and our subcontractors. When we acquire service contracts they are of a specific need from our customer. Those have specific terms and conditions that need to be applied depending on the requirements and complexity of the service.


Contract Management Salaries in Montreal

Atos is currently searching for a Contract Manager in Montreal with 5 to 10 years of experience. This is Atos' first such hire in Canada and we are finding that many of the qualified candidates are asking for salaries significantly higher than similar positions in other parts of the world. Does anyone have any data on contract manager salaries in Montreal that could help me gauge the labor market there? Thanks!


Non Relaince/ Disclaimers

Hi everyone, does anyone have a specimen clause for non reliance on advice/ reports provided by the company, or a disclaimer, that helps to limit liability? Thanks Serena

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