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Data Processing / Cybersecurity / Data Privacy

We are pleased to have you on board of the Data Processing / Cybersecurity / Data Privacy Group on the IACCM portal, a space for discussion and knowledge sharing around the concepts of data processing, data privacy and cybersecurity in technology contracts.

This group welcomes contract professionals that want to share and/or build up their knowledge around the modern IT contracting and will focus on:

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on what we can put on this year’s agenda. Here’s what we have in mind as key points to start with:


Looking forward to hearing from you.


All the best,


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Pablo Cilota,                                              Daniela Badescu,

IACCM                                                        Oracle


Network Updates

2018 BENCHMARK REPORT - interim report

This interim report contains data extracted from IACCM's 2018 benchmark survey which gathered input from 742 organizations. Contract and commercial management are increasingly seen as critical business disciplines, yet many functional groups and teams are struggling to gain investment and feel undervalued.


Webinar - Increase Your Team's Efficiency, Collaboration, and Productivity With Contract Management

We've all heard that our world is becoming more digital and influencing elements of our life and business operations. But for many, digitization has yet to impact the field of contract management. While there may be a vision of greater efficiency, collaboration, and productivity, it is far from the typical reality.


Contract Automation and CMS Implementation - how to avoid the pitfalls and what to consider when selecting a vendor

Hello. I am wondering if any members have read the 'Automation: Essential Insights for Contract Management' Report and if so, does it address what to consider or pitfalls? My company is looking to implement a new CMS solution and will need to have current hard copies scanned into OCR format. Several people we have talked to have used software to get ocr and metadata and others have used companies; we are not sure what route to take. Also, what do we need to think about when ascertaining whether to have a third party technology implementation partner and a third party business implementation partner...we only have one chance to get set up correct. Thanks

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