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This Network is for the teams that were formed as part of the Leaders of the Future initiative at the IACCM Conferences. Please use the Network forum for ongoing discussions.

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Defining a true professional

An article in a legal journal recently hailed the rise of new specialisms within the legal community, implying that these represented a sign of health for the overall profession. As an example, it cited the emergence of a handful of specialists in the use of e-mojis in contracts or legal judgments. It might equally have pointed to others who are striving to make contracts intelligible through the use of graphics, or perhaps those who push for standards in style. Such individuals are actually at the forefront in trying to address market needs and realities. Although they are often dismissed by their colleagues as odd, quirky, perhaps even viewed as a threat to professional norms, it is these individuals who keep a profession healthy and relevant. They are key to its survival and, arguably, are the 'true professionals'.


What did King Charles I know about contracts?

Tomorrow, January 30th, is an important date in my personal calendar. It is the 370th anniversary of the execution of King Charles I of Great Britain, who fell victim to a fundamental disagreement over scope and obligation management. Many would argue that he also suffered from a lack of negotiation skills. Unfortunately for him, neither he nor his followers were members of IACCM and the records suggest that in any case he would have ignored advice. Ultimately, he paid a heavy price for his failures at dispute management.


Ask The Expert: The Learning Organization - Lessons from Years of Training Commercial People

Over the past 7 years, Paul Mallory has conducted well over 100 classroom training courses, training more than 1,000 Commercial Contracts professionals and leaders. During this Ask The Expert webinar we will look at what lessons can be drawn from that experience, and what it tells us about the behaviors, skills, knowledge, and attitudes of people and organizations.

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