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Governance & Transformation Group Charter:

Too much value is lost through weak governance, in particular of large and complex contracts and relationships. We will identify why governance is weak, and how to strengthen it, beyond the carefully drafted words in the contract.

Note that many large and complex relationships require a transformation of how the work is performed today, hence the necessary integration of “Transformation.”

We plan to bring practitioners (lawyers, clients & outsourcers) and academics together to capture a maximum breadth of perspective.

Group Mission/Vision:

We will identify the causes of value leakage and help define best governance practices that drive economic and strategic achievements.

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Defining KPIs and Creating Dashboards

Hi All, I am a fresh member of the portal. Looking for some insights in regards to defining KPIs. We are a team of 3 Contract Managers and our manager has asked us to define KPIs and create a dashboard biweekly for her to have an insight of what we are doing. I believe the next step will be having score cards to measure the performances. I have been searching the web and thinking about this deeply for some time now. I was only able to come up with 3 KPIs but still need to define 1 more. And I am not sure if this has been answered before. Is there a document I can relate on to? Would appreciate any leading. Thank you in advance.


Joint Ventures - Can you help

Hi All Does anyone manage a JV contract and would be willing to speak to me? My team are managing a JV where we are both a joint owner with two other societies, plus we supply also them with a few services. I would love to speak to someone who is also in this position and can discuss the governance structure they have set up ect. Hopefully, someone out there will be able to spare me some time to discuss the pitfall and best practice they have encountered. Thanks Jan


Webinar - Level-up Your Contract Management for the New Year

Going into the new year, the pace of business continues to increase. With the rapid speed at which organizations now operate, the likelihood of introducing errors into your contracts are at an all-time high largely due to dated and manual contract processes. But you can level-up your Contract Management for the New Year.


Joint Ventures

Hi Would anyone be happy to have a discussion with me, or give me some pointers on managing a JV where you are both a customer, supplier and a shareholder? It would be good to understand how other companies navigate this tricky relationship and if there is any IACCM best practice I should adhere too? I have different contract managers who are responsible for the customer and supplier side to eliminate any conflict of interest, but the whole governance is so much more complex than a straight commercial arrangement. Therefore, if anyone has any experience or observations they would be happy to share, I would really appreciate your help. Kind Regards Jan


IACCM expansion of research portfolio with Global SRN merger

The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management Inc (IACCM) announces its acquisition of Global SRN LLC.


Bench marking a service

Hi All Is there any standard in terms of stakeholder satisfaction in IACCM contract Management? We have sent out surveys (which our stakeholders had input into regard the questions they wanted to score us on) We have received some great feedback and suggestions for improvements. Whilst I think a satisfaction score of 81% is very good, I have nothing to compare it with. I know all survey are different in terms of the questions, but to put this result into some context it would be good to understand if any work has been done on what good looks like in terms of satisfaction scores in other companies? I would love to hear any views people are happy to share, as my Director would like to share these results with our board but unless we can put them into context in terms of best practice, they are just a score which doesn't tell the wider audience that much without the wider context! Kind Regards Jan

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