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Smart Contract Use Cases for Contract Management

I am starting this discussion for community awareness and brainstorming, the possible use cases of Smart Contract in our Contract Management world. I will post use cases that I believe will take benefit of the blockchain technology. I will also share use cases that are currently in deployment, although on a small scale, since this technology itself is in its nascent stage. For those who are not familiar with what Smart Contracts are, please search this or other forums first, before posting any questions here.


Purchase Orders for Resource Contracts?

Hello - We have a very large contingent work force and are continually renewing short term rate cards due to the dynamics of business needs. I am sure you can imagine that this take a lot of legwork with regard to processing renewals and keeping up with Master Agency Agreements on a regular basis. I also work closely with the Accounts Payable group and what we also find a challenge is the back end processing to get those vendors/agencies paid. We currently use purchase orders (really contract numbers from our CLM system) but these tend to be time consuming as well, I just wanted to see what everyone else was doing out there?


NDA vs. CA

I recently had a vendor say they could not sign and NDA but was authorized to sign a CA. In my experience this title is used loosely. I understand an NDA is usually used more for specialized business opportunities, but we have sign CA's in this instance also. To me it is more of the body of the agreement versus the title. This has me wondering what is truly the difference and when to use one versus the other?

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