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Forsythe and Long Engineering, Inc.
2016-08-16 16:32:03

NDA vs. CA

I recently had a vendor say they could not sign and NDA but was authorized to sign a CA. In my experience this title is used loosely. I understand an NDA is usually used more for specialized business opportunities, but we have sign CA's in this instance also. To me it is more of the body of the agreement versus the title. This has me wondering what is truly the difference and when to use one versus the other?
 •  Freeport LNG  •   2016-08-16 21:06:53
The titles NDA and CA are used inter-changeably and in and of themselves do not create a distinction.
 •   2016-08-16 21:07:00
the title of the document is essentially meaningless - what matters are the terms of the document.
 •  Forsythe and Long Engineering, Inc.  •   2016-08-16 21:28:54
That has always been my understanding is mainly the title is the only difference. I agree and as stated in my post, the T&C's is what really matters. I have noticed that some NDA's have a more specific purpose section than CA's and we tend to use it more in our company for client relationships because of the T&C's. We use our CA's for vendors dues to the T&C's. I just wanted to clarify and makes sure I have missed something between NDA and CA by the vendor's statement. Thanks for clarification and assurance.
 •  Babcock International  •   2016-09-27 17:27:19
It is my understanding that the two types of agreement do the same thing, i.e protect information , however I was under the impression that a Confidentiality Agreement related to classified (Governmental) information or personal information - and potentially is an agreement with an individual. A Non Disclosure Agreement is normally between companies and includes the staff and employees having obligations to not disclose information.
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