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2019-12-19 09:14:51

Performance Based Contracts

Hi there! I'm looking for a good template of a Performance Based Contract. Does anyone know of such a template?

 •  Fire and Emergency NZ  •   2020-01-02 09:00:48
Hi Marieke - in our organisation we have not yet taken the plunge, but in the absence of anyone else contributing anything, I'd just suggest if you have not already done it, to check out the great resource here :
Perhaps in this presentation, Dr Jacopino might have something in his toolbox that he might be able to help you with.
 •  Ngamuru Advisory  •   2020-02-02 07:24:14
Hi Marieke,

How did you go with this? Did you find a template? Having started my Performance Based Contracting (PBC) journey in 2004 I have seen many different versions of the approach. That said, they all have the same overall content; requirements in the form of performance measures and consequences in the forms of both financial and non-financial rewards and remedies. Darren mentioned my presentation in the IACCM resources, but I also have a blog where I write about this (www.performancebasedcontracting.com), which sometimes become articles for IACCM (part of the role of an IACCM Fellow).

In terms of templates, the one that I know is freely available is the Australian Department of Defence Australian Defence Standard for Contracts (ASDEFCON) Support v4.0. You can download all elements of the contract including terms and conditions, payment, performance measure drafting, etc. It is fairly complex as it is designed for large, long-term contracts, but can be tailored for smaller and shorter term contracts. It is available at www.defence.gov.au/casg/DoingBusiness/ProcurementDefence/PoliciesGuidelinesTemplates/Support.asp. There is additional materials on this site on PBB as well. Please note that I was the author of these PBC elements.

Anyway, I hope this helps you on your PBC journey. And don't be afraid to ask for help!

 •  KPN BV  •   2020-02-03 08:57:04
Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot! That will help! I'm already quite familiar with your blog and found it very interesting. Will let you know if I have additional questions.

regards, Marieke
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