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2020-08-25 17:14:35

Terms Training

How do you educate your workforce about the terms of the contracts you enter into so they know what to do?

Lisa Bernstein
Wilson Dickinson Professor of Law
The University of Chicago
 •   2020-08-25 17:23:08
There's different training for different phases. For example Sales teams need to be able to explain our terms and to know the limits of negotiation, so we do that by giving them online playbooks. Post award teams need to understand their obligations under the contract. We have been doing that through contract summaries, but will move to an automated system that extracts and communicates the terms to relevant groups
 •  World Commerce & Contracting  •   2020-08-27 01:24:39
Yes, contract summaries and 'contract walkthroughs' are especially important as part of the transition to the post-contract award people who have to actually manage the contracts. They explain the letter of the law as well as the spirit of the relationship (spending time on clarifying roles & responsibilities of the buyer and the supplier). Otherwise IACCM training (such as Commercial Awareness Program) or research (such as our soon to be published Top 10 Most Negotiated Terms) are good pointers to the key clauses that matter, generally and for your specific situation. As anonymous says, having these online and able to pop-up as required as a great step forward
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